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I am a dot....in the beginning

i....a dot subsumed.
!....a dot exploded, o.....expanded, O.....explored.
i am
i am a dot
you are a dot
he/she/it is a dot
we are a dot
you are a dot
they are a dot
what is a dot?
I am a line
I am a motion dot

'i listen'
"i speak"
?i wonder?
#i think#

*we make a difference*

a dot
a seed
a hologram
a holotype
a contradiction
an interdiction
an intercourse
a communication
a link
a connection

I am a circle
I grow, I expand
o0o I breath,
0.0 I pause,
0-0 I reflect,
.o0O I refresh;

I renew:

I am a mirror of myself
db : I watch as I grow up
qp : I watch as I grow down
dp , bq: I am contradictions
qb , pd: we all must

F : I watch us disagree, take separate paths
V : occasionally merging at a common point,
M: sometimes again
W: and again,
Y : then carry on together for awhile
X : before we separate once more
E : needing mediation; sometimes meditation;
+ : sometimes finding comfortable middle ground
O : always filled with potential
C : wondering what's yet to be explored
G : reaching inside for guidance
U : spiritually open
D : or not
P : I set out on my own
R : sometimes taking the path less travelled
Q : or just curious sidetrips going nowhere

V V W M : hoping to meet again someday, somewhere
H : always distant, but always in touch
K : but no longer the same, ever
Z : the occasional retreat
X : the occasional defeat
{....but always me.....}
[.....uniquely me.......]
......and then i rest

. I am a dot
o I am a circle
O I grow
0 I change

I am..........me
........and so are you.

I was no more.
I will be if ever.

.......and so will you.

We are all things, you, and i, and us, and them.
....or not.

We choose, or not
but we can if we want.

together or separate.
connected or not.
but always.
and sometimes.

What if we were?
Right now.
at this instant.

What if......?

actually, just testing to see if I have 'comments' set up correctly!

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