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To Seek: To Engage; To Change

"The pen is mightier than the sword, as a sword may only take a life while a pen can change the world." -anon

"If a person with a bullet in Dallas can change the world, imagine what a person with an idea could do." - J. Michael Straczynski

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Binary Agreement Theory (B.A.T.)

Today, I want to outline the practical steps that I have evolved to generate the language of 'is', it's meaning, and its involvement in the world community, with the design to 'change the world' in a positive way.

I suspect most everybody at some point in their life has thought in one form or another "How shall I leave my mark? What is my life's purpose? How can I change....(fill in the blank)?" The theory and application of 'is' is part of my answer to those questions.

I've developed a method for letting the language of 'is' grow itself (part of fundamental tenet #5...see the above link), and by doing so, plant itself as seeds throughout the internet universe by making contact with individual bloggers whose sites surface as a result of the method. I'll outline the procedural 'rules' first here (just so there's a record of them and a reference point to them), and then I'll illustrate with an example.

The rules for evolving 'is'-WORDS and 'is'-PHRASES for level(1) of B.A.T. (see above link), are based on PRINCIPLE, MORAL, ETHIC and/or CONSCIENCE.

1) Any root word encapsulates all of its derivatives, and will be considered as a single word, using the root word in 'is'. (e.g. PRINCIPLE, PRINCIPLES, PRINCIPLED, would all be considered as the word PRINCIPLE, the root word).

2) A word or a phrase's hit-value will be determined by two numbers, the number of hits returned by Google search, and the number of hits returned by Blogger search. They will be listed in that order in brackets, following the word or phrase.

3) Each word, and each phrase, will be matched with the 'is' level fundamental words (e.g. in the case of level(1), the level fundamental words are PRINCIPLE, MORAL, ETHIC, CONSCIENCE).

4) The goal is to maximize 'neutral' and 'positive' hits, and minimize 'negative' hits, by engaging bloggers from varying points of view to partake in online discussions of the four-word 'is'-PHRASE that identified them (see point #7 below for the determination of a 4-word 'is'-PHRASE. The ultimate goal of 'is' is to be neutral (i.e. to sit between the two extremes of an issue in the space created by the broken circle (see link above), judging neither view, but in support of the one representing 'GOODNESS' or 'RIGHTNESS' as a default choice, always allowing the other option to be followed, chosen or experimented with, however. Hence, no judgement of the two extremes, just TOLERANCE, as long as the 5 basic tenets are met (including tenet 1a, stating there will be no unwilling victimization of another human).

5) Any English words considered roughly synonomous or analogous, along with all their derivatives, will be considered as being encapsulated within the corresponding 'is'-WORD, which will be the word with the highest Google hit-count (implying wider acceptance of use of the word, whether that is a fact or not is irrelevant, it is a mechanistic part of the procedure). (e.g. if the following hits resulted from a search: affect(23,000), change(76,245), alter(45,124), then combined they would yield the single 'is'-WORD of CHANGE(76,245), and the implication would be that the words 'affect' and 'alter' are {included, subsumed, encapsulated...}. The other implication is that our new language will be shorter, and devoid of definitions...each word, instead, will have an understanding associated with it.

6) If a root word has been chosen as the 'is'-WORD, and is different than an English analogous word which has a higher hit-count, the higher hit-count will be assigned to the 'is'-WORD. (e.g. in the example above, if ALTER had been established as the root 'is'-WORD for the group, it would be referenced with the hit-counter of change, and become ALTER(76,245). In other words, any 'is'-WORD's hit-counter will be the largest of all its encapsulated words. The whole point of using hit-counters is to zero in on "common", and simply use hit-count as a measure of it.

7) An 'is'-DISCUSSION thread will be created by an 'is'-PHRASE consisting of four 'is'-WORDS, two on each side of the issue, plus one of the principle level(1) words. (e.g. given my position that TOLERANCE is a prerequisite to PEACE, that's where I'm going to start, so an 'is'-DISCUSSION might be triggered by the 'is'-PHRASE:


(making the assumption that HATE is a prerequisite to VIOLENCE), and therefore working both ends towards the middle, seeking the win-win common ground.

8) I intend to keep each discussion thread in its own separate blog entry, the title of which will be the 'is'-PHRASE's four 'issue' words. These discussion threads will be on a separate blog site I created some weeks ago called "Hold That Thought", and I will make links to it from here, but continue to use this site for my own meanderings, fractals, bipolar moments, etc. as I have been doing for the past few months. I will also keep separate blog entries on the other site for the evolving 'dictionary' of 'is'-WORDS.

9) The following were the Google and Blogger hit counts for the fundamental words of BAT Level(1):

PRINCIPLE(229,000,000 ; 450,765)
ETHIC(26,700,000 ; 103,447)
MORAL(169,000,000 ; 925,379)
CONSCIENCE(64,700,000 ; 316,273)

Based on these numbers, when I do the "four word search" on Google for any given Level(1) 'is'-PHRASE, I'll include the root 'is'-WORD of PRINCIPLE as a fifth word in the search, since it had the highest hit-count value on Google (229,000,000). On the other hand, for the same "four word search" on Blogger, I'll include the root 'is'-WORD of MORAL as a fifth word in the search, since it had the highest hit-count on Blogger.

10) As a result of the hits that I'll get from the searches, I'm going to invite the top three bloggers on each side of the issue, as well as the top three selected by all five words (by way of introduction and comment on their site) to add their views and thoughts suggested by the 'is'-PHRASE that brought me to their site, and hopefully get a dialogue going on topics of relevance from the 'extremes' of both sides of an issue, based on high hit counts on the word pairs representing each view. My only restriction in issuing an invitation is that the blog must have had an active entry within the past month. I'm choosing to issue invites to bloggers rather than sites found by Google, for the simple fact that they are created primarily by individual people.

If this isn't making a whole lot of sense, not to worry! I'm going to be planting the starting 'is'-PHRASES as the seed to begin a hopefully-challenging but civil discourse, and using this method to determine the focus of discussion. It's the end result that becomes significant.

My goal (and my challenge to anyone) is to always fine-tune the hit-counts by offering words or concepts of level(1) import that need to be challenged, balanced, discussed, modified, understood. Through this process, as understanding takes place, my desire and my 'is' theoretical prediction is that the hit-count value for the "RIGHTNESS" 'is'-WORDS will increase, and the hit-count value for "NOT-RIGHTNESS" 'is'-WORDS will decrease (see link above on syntax for a discussion of NOT-WORDS as opposed to antonyms, or opposites).

There you have it. I shall create the first one on the other site today, and link it back to here. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in on any discussion, I certainly don't intend to imply it is limited to a discussion of the invited nine! And invite anyone else to contribute that you feel like. Imagine the possibilities. Hopefully it will be more than just a chatroom extension. The intent will be focussed in order to understand, and offer ideas, actions and suggestions for movement towards resolution. Build it and they will come.


the first 'is'-PHRASE that I'll be proposing, yielded this link as the first one in Google. It's a paper put out by the National Association of School Psychologists titled "A National Tragedy: Promoting Tolerance and Peace in Children".

"I've learned that you learn most from people who are learning themselves." - Age 62

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