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Time in a bottle

Just a second.

a second.
a millisecond.
a microsecond.
a nanosecond.
a picosecond.

wait a second!

a second.
a minute.
an hour.
a day.
a week.
a month.
a year.
a decade.
a century.
a millenium.

where does a lifetime fit in?
between now, and then and when.
and whose?
whenever. forever?

from then till now:
between now and end.

and what will I do with it?

I'll second it.

Just a second.
Haven't I been here before?
Before when?

Who moved it?
and when.....and where?


Here and there,
for now, anyway.

.......and now I ask,
"is there a contradiction that has no contradiction?"
"is there a mirror without reflection?"

Let me reflect on that.
for a moment.

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