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Some more fractals

I couldn't go away for five days or so, and not leave a few fractals behind!
(variations on a theme.....of sorts!) (....I think I got them all centred, Dzeni!!)

- 1 -

- 2 -

- 3 -

- 4 -

- 5 -

- 6 -

- 7 -

- 8 -

You did :) They are very nice, especially #8! I love the sense of motion that it conveys.

They are all so nice!! I think it is so neat that each persons fractals are so different.
You do have them centered but I do like your "Off The Edge" approach too!!:)
Have a great holiday!!

#3 is my brain today...

I like 6 a lot. It reminds me of using Logo on my C64 to create three of the four symbols from Led Zeppelin IV!

These are great! Nice work!

You're erecting a foundation of your own, and you're doing a good job of it!

You have really done well with this in a very short time. I salute you.

I'm b-a-a-a-ck!!!!

Thank you for all the encouragement and support. I took the book "Chaos: A New Science with me to read on the plane, and have found it inspiring.

Topic for tomorrow's blog...but it's after midnight so it's beddy bye-bye's for me!

Thanks again.


Where did you go, what did you do? Or did you already explain that in one of your posts? Did I miss something?

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