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Fractals Revisited-Moon In Spring

Every artist was first an amateur -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I thought I'd take a wee time out from that 'is' stuff...

...and play with fractals some more. Here's what I came up with (not the clock! ... the moon!). This stuff could get really addictive really quickly!

(Click on it for full effect)

"New Moon In Spring"

"The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon."

"See how nature --- trees, flowers, grass --- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence; ... we need silence to be able to touch souls" - Mother Theresa.

outlines a meditation appealing to the spirits of the four directions
seeking inner PEACE

for all points of view


I also installed a program I bought some time ago called Roxio, that lets me copy from my vinyl collection, clean up the scratches and pops, and burn CD's or MP3 files. I havent' played with sound at all yet, so there's a big learning curve ahead of me on that one!

Interesting situation; on Friday I got a summons to appear for jury duty. Now I've been called twice before, but never selected. I want to do my civic duty, but can you imagine what sort of justice the accused might get if I happen to be on a hypomanic high while we're deliberating...up the creek without the proverbial paddle, or just the opposite! No...I think I'll ask to be excused from consideration this time!

The fractal is looking good. All it takes is, play. Each of us that do these, have a different style, because there are no set rules that we have to follow. It all boils down to what is in our head at the moment. Roxio is a lot of fun. I used to have it, but went up in smoke with the old computer. Keep playing, If I can get one more "Brain Melted", I have done my work.

Nice Fractal indeed! As G say's these can be addictive...more so when they work out right. (like this one)

Thanks for the positives...it gives incentive!

I didn't know you were working on a quota, but you don't need to worry about getting my "brain Melted",; I went through melt-down years ago!!


My "Quota" is one person, converted.
Hairyface, is the one who got 'my' brain, Melted.

Screw the judicial system. Stick to blogging, Rick.

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