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That Big Sucking Noise - part 1

"Life sucks, but in a beautiful kind of way." - Axl Rose

(hit the play button to listen to a neat song while you read my blog if you like. I don't know about you, but his voice reminds me a bit of a "less gravelly" version of Dave's...whaddya think?))

What you see here is my first attempt at making a fractal image. It reminds me that buried in this dark head somewhere is a rainbow struggling to get out. It also reminds me a bit of the Buddah figure, with a rainbow of peace in his belly. If you rub his belly, you're supposed to get good luck, aren't you?

Oh yeah! About that Big Sucking Noise? Carrying on from the oak tree blog of a couple days ago, if you stand at the base of the tree where the acorn used to be, and turn on a giant, universal sucking industrial strength vacuum machine, you'll suck the tree back inside the acorn (that's where the 'tree' came from in the first place after all). Now turn around, and suck in all the roots (also grown out from the acorn).

What's the point? Just as a metaphorical illustration of the point I've been building up through the last two months of blog entries. We start out as a "dot", we contain all the "stuff" we need to make us who we are and who we will be, and no matter where we are on the tree (i.e. no matter whether it's today, or when you were a kid or an hour before you die), all the rules are the same.

And yesterday's statements descibe a common and universal pattern that fit absolutely everything.

I want to tell a quick followup story to the statement I made in the "Two Oak Tree Challenges" blog. I was talking about my Dad and wishing I had said things to him I didn't (he passed away 26 years ago). I wrote the lines "I think I'm beginning to understand that he wasn't asking me a question, he was teaching me a lesson. I wish I could have told him that. I just did".

While I was writing that, Mike & the Mechanics song "In the Living Years" started playing in my head. I had originally written the words "I think I just did", and I went back and deleted the words "I think" for some reason. Then I read an entry on another blog site that KSHippychic writes and I check from time to time. she had written a beautiful piece about being thankful, and putting things in perspective.

The rest of my story is that I have two 400-CD players hooked together playing in random sequence and alternating between the two machines so there's no pause. As I sat down to supper, at the moment when my Dad would have been saying grace when I was a kid, that song came on the player.

There is purpose to the universe. There is order. And that big sucking noise? Yeah, it's beautiful, because it's the soundtrack of our life.

"When you find PEACE within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at PEACE with others."


That is a very beautiful fractal, and with your words it becomes even more beautiful! I hope you make more! :)


I'm going to try to make more. You folks inspire me.

That's a pretty big egg for any old chicken to be needing to lay!! That's gotta hurt!! But thanks for the compliment.


Do you have the computer capability to include a progressive fractal image. You know what I mean? I don't know the term for it. The Mandelbrot set thing. Like zooming in from outerspace. Can you do that?

Whoa! That was my first attempt at it! Cut me some slack, OK! {grin} Yeah, I think I know what you mean, and I have no idea if I can do that. I just downladed a freeware package and I'm playing with that. Mandlebrot is mentioned as one of the options in one of the drop down menus, but I haven't the foggiest yet what all the options are for. Who knows where this may lead, eh?!


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