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That Big Expelling Noise - Part 2

"Everyone who feels enjoyment thinks that the principal thing to the tree is the fruit, but in point of fact the principal thing to it is the seed. -- Herein lies the difference between them that create and them that enjoy." - Friedrich Nietzsche

It becomes the standard chicken and egg conundrum, doesn't it?

It is my intention to create. I intend to create a model. I'm not creating anything new or original here, as I shall demonstrate. In fact, that will be a key point that I absolutely must demonstrate. Otherwise, I would in effect be saying that I'm inventing existence, rather than discovering it, or just explaining it from a different, perhaps uniquely new, point of view. I wouldn't be so bold! Rather, I will simply be providing a practical demonstration of a simulator which will illustrate the components of my theory. Once convinced that the simulator works and has been 'tested' in all conditions (and it turns out, they will be minimal), it is not at all a monumental leap to then generalize it to the 'truisms' that I maintain in tenet #5 to be universally applicable. Finally, if the aspects of tenet #5 are sustainable, so then must be 1 through 4, since they apply to humanity, and humans are but a small subset of the universe. Unlike Nietzches's proclamation above, however, I shall enjoy the creation as well as the fruit! Simultaneously.

Today's entry picks up combining yesterday's concept of the 'big suck' (essentially 'reverse-engineering' a seed back into itself from all directions), and the previous blog, which outlined the five basic tenets underlying both the 'is' theory, and it's derivative, the Binary Agreement Theory. I intend to continue to elaborate on these, picking on specific components with each blog entry, as if each was a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, and then putting it in place. Along the way, I'll also be introducing and evolving a new "language syntax" that will become necessary in order to explain some components.

So, between yesterday's sucking noise, and today's spewing one, it is the seed that is critical, and therefore the appropriate starting point; not the roots, and not even the "acorn at the top of the tree" (that one represents the capacity of an entity {i.e. the original acorn} to reproduce itself by regurgitating itself from itself, if you will). By way of illustration, at what point does food become consumable, muscle tissue, vomit or excrement? Do you decide, or do you default these choices to normal bodily function? Not a pretty picture, I acknowldge, but I hope it makes the point. There was some discussion of this a week or so ago when Jay and Dave chatted about the concept of the homunculus.

The blog outlining the five fundamental tenets, the one I called the Universal pattern, shall represent the seed of this theory, and I will be referencing it often. It took this long to get here simply to give a shadow of a context for that which will follow. If you look back at virtually any one of the previous blogs, there will be a forward reference to a blog that was not even created at the time the earlier one was written. These appear in a list at the end of each blog marked "Links to this post". A hypertext link in this cyberspace environment is the equivalent of a "literary" seed, or a thought seed: it grows in both directions, both building on the blogs that came before it and linking to blogs that have not yet been written. So, an alternate illustration of the same concept is that any hypertext link, like a hologram, "contains the ability to expand itself" backwards to "historical" information (including additional hyperlinks ad infinitum), or forwards to "future" information (also including an infinite possibility of hyperlinks). It's like comparing a history book to a science fiction novel. Both exist. We have the mental capacity of not only imagining the possibility of both to exist, but to co-exist (simultaneously), and the ability of creating both. Each can reference the other.

In the past, I have referred to my theory as the 'is' theory, and attempted to explain 'is' not as a two-letter-word, but as a three-part symbol. The 'dot' on the top half of the letter 'i' represents the seed, and the other two lines (different one from the other---i.e. the straight line forming the other part of the letter 'i' and the curved line forming the letter 's') represent the initial fundamental binary choice that is the only choice available when starting from the seed (the 'is'-moment). For instance, in the case of the oak tree, the dot represents the original acorn, the straight line the roots, and the curved line the tree (or vice versa, it doesn't really matter; the only part of critical significance is the seed).

Let me diagram the three components in a slightly different orientation:

_ . ~ (Pretend they're connected, and I just "zoomed in" on one dot somewhere on the line).

It's the same thing. I just put them more or less in a line. This orientation will make subsequent discussions easier to visualize, specifically, tenet #5c), which states that any entity's existence will simultaneously generate its exact opposite as well as all possibilities between the extremes. A simplified way of saying the same thing: "A line is bounded by its own two ends"! The line is made up of an infinite progression of seeds, or decision points, or dots. All of these decisions are 'managed' by a system's default system unless and until it is overridden. Another way of saying that is: "A line remains a line until it branches into two (tenet #5b)...which states that the first growth step will be of a binary nature).....after that, all hell can break loose, and it doesn't matter!".

As a final point, the same pattern will exist as we trace back thoughtlines. More on that later too.

(Caution: this TOLERANCE link will perhaps validate my earlier insistence upon choosing TOLERANCE as a prerequisite to PEACE!!)

So, in the meantime, as always, PEACE and TOLERANCE.

(P.S. click on picture if you can't read the sign!)
(P.P.S. Sorry, but I haven't figured out how to include the sound within the blog entry itself yet. Bummer!)

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