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Final Exam - Soulless

This being the third part of your lesson, it is time for the final, mastery-level exam question.

It will consist of 1 question.

1) a) If you feel that you would like to learn more about 'is', ask for it in the form of the best poem you can create, titled either 'Soul' or 'Everything', or 'The Insomniac' written in the key of 'is'. [as always, pick a fourth option if none of these inspire you].


1) b) BONUS (or alternative) Question: Assume we had, through a series of back-and-forth exchanges of e-mails and blog posts, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, agreed on a very powerful summation and encapsulation of the contents of a blog we had simply titled "SOUL: Soul". Create a poem, Soulless, dripping with the essence of that blog, so that the poem conveys as close to the same essence as the blog does. By doing so, move your readers to see inside someone's soul with more than words, but, at a higher level than mere language, with the entropy of each word maximized to its fullest potential.


1) c) Some other, of your choosing which serves the purpose you are after.


1) d) One size fits all! Some single, unique, 'is'-type answer that satisfies completely all four options presented to you here.

[HINT: The answer always lies in the question, and is that part of the question which no longer needs answering].

Administrative Note:

Your tuition will consist of one poem, posted to your site, which elicits at least 10 comments from readers indicating they have some understanding of the principles of 'is'. (Barring any additions, your poem "Pitter-Patter" already meets this criteria. We can discuss the comments if you'd like. Paid in full!)

Sorry. After I took the bar exam, I promised myself I would never take another test. And this looks harder than the bar exam!

Dear Rick, when I come here to read your posts (which, admittedly, require concentration *smile*), I leave the 'creative writing' side of me behind. Besides, when I write poetry, I refrain from imposing "workshop-like" restrictions (as for example, having a certain group of readers in mind) on myself... and just allow the "flow" to be and remain as it is. Water-like. ^_^

And, I can neither claim nor pretend to have a mastery level of the subject (maybe not even on any point in the future; then again, possibly... ^_^) Merely an interest from the point of view of the philosophy-inclined, not that of the writer or "poet." ^_^ Ahh, your responses to my comments are very much appreciated. Really, thank you.

Cheers. ^_^

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