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Pushing the Pause Button Briefly

I'm going on hiatus for a couple of days. I'm getting the windows in my house replaced this weekend, and have some moving of furniture, boxes, etc. to do, as well as disassembling my desk and moving my computer stuff, since they sit directly under a window.

Just a bit of content in this one, and only indirectly about 'is'

I think blogger is playing tricks on me, because I had six e-mails show up in my mailbox this morning as replies to the last entry, and I thank you all for your comments and feedback, but only 3 are appended to the blog itself when I go to my blog site (from DJB, Dave and Soulless). The other three are from Gary, KSHIPPYCHIC and.....here's the odd one, ME!

I must say, I'm somewhat baffled by mine, because it was a reply from 2 days ago in the blog called "The Power of Uncertainty", and it just 'arrived' in my mail this morning. So the other comments no doubt will wend their way through hyperspace and get appended here eventually. It sure makes it tough to have a 'linear' conversation though (which 'is' doesn't require anyway)!!

I want to respond to the comments you have left in some detail, just wanted to let you know I'm not ignoring you!

In the meantime, Soulless, if you were serious about wanting to read more (and why should I doubt you? {smile!}), you can either start here, which takes you back to January to the very first blog entry I wrote, introducing the concept in a "poetic" kind of way [given your talent, I'm somewhat embarrassed to direct you there!]; or here, which is where I begin to explore it as a theory, having made veiled references to it in previous entries without expounding on it all [if I were reading it for comprehension of the theory, rather than mental stimulation, this is probably the one I'd start with]; or perhaps start with this one, where I first summarized my postulates, and then read the entries forward from there by following the links under "Previous Posts". You'll find that I do a great deal of "looping back" to previous entries through hyperlinks, so there really isn't a "starting point", it keeps merging with itself as it gets fatter and fatter.

For the rest of you, thank you again, and I leave all of you with this challenging conundrum:

What is the best metaphor for an analogy? And would it also then be the best analogy for a metaphor?

Corollary: If you answer 'yes' to the second question, why do we need both words in English?
If you answered 'no', is it possible to represent the difference between the two, either metaphorically or analogously?

Second corollary: The difference between a metaphor and an analogy is like the difference between __________ and ___________.


I'll hear you in a few days.

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