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Happy Anniversary to myself!! This is my 100th blog entry!
(Note to sefl: pick up flowers on way home from work)

May 01 - The Mexican-Iraq Border
(example from current events) (CURRENT, MUTUAL), (BINARY, BAT), (BORDER, THRESHOLD)

May 02 - The Selfish Gene - Modifying Theories

May 03 - The Power of Uncertainty
(stick with the original when in doubt, instinct, default, admit 'mistakes' as being nothing more than on-course corrections)
(comments: schizoid behaviour, and response, (THRESHOLD:genius/madman)

May 04 - The System State at an 'is' Decision Point
(introduction at a theoretical level to the four system states of 'is' (directional, open, closed-incomplete, closed-complete:PERFECT, broken circle example)

[forward reference: "Letter Shapes and 'is' Systems"]

(summaries for the following to follow!)

May 05 - Re-Grouping, Feedback and Self-Doubt Allayed

May 06 - Pushing The Pause Button Briefly

May 09 - In Response part 1 - DJB

May 10 - Everything:EVERYTHING

May 11 - In Response Part 2 - Soulless

May 12 - Final Exam - Soulless

May 12 - The Pattern of Four

May 13 - What is, in fact, a FACT?

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