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A Whole Schmozzle Of Mind Dump Stuff

I wonder what the engineers, technicians, and workers who make weapons all day long for killing their neighbor can possibly be thinking of. They're not working for a living; they're working for dying.” - anon

From without, no wonderful effect is wrought within ourselves, unless some interior, responding wonder meets it.” - Herman Melville

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” - Albert Einstein

I very often find myself wondering about things. Just wondering. That's as far as I take it, but with a lot of things, that's all I need.

For instance, I wonder why I wonder about things when it doesn't affect anything.

I wonder why a desktop isn't called a screen-front.

I wonder why, if war is just about beating each up, and we've already invented smart bombs and micro-ization, why don't we invent smart bullets. That way, we don't have to smash buildings and babies in order to kill other men who have guns and boom-boom things in order to make our point. And as a bonus, we could go back to fighting wars in cornfields then and leave citizens alone.

I wonder why experts are allowed to testify at court cases, since there's always one on each side. What are they experts in, if they can't even agree. Isn't that what expert should mean? "I know what I'm talking about".

I wonder why the so-called "judges" in reality shows always say the same inane comments to the contestants week after week after week.

I wonder why peaches from B.C. that we can buy from pickups parked by the sides of roads at this time of year taste a thousand times better than the ones you can buy at Safeway.

I wonder why people really think they're being safe with a young baby correctly buckled into a car seat, anchored down in the back seat facing backwards (or whatever) and then drive around talking on a goddammed cell phone. Yeah. That's safe.

I wonder why a compnay is considered a failure if their profits are only 27 billion dollars this quarter because they were 33 billion last quarter.

I wonder who decided bigger was better.

I wonder if that decision is open for appeal.

I wonder what's wrong with being environmentally conscious even if it turns out that the world isn't going to flush itself with Arctic waters in the next 50 years. Isn't it like picking up after yourself when you have a picnic in the park?

I wonder why we're able to lower our inhibitions so much more easily anonymously.

I wonder why we don't start a dictionary of politically correct doublespeak to clarify the meaning. You know, like:
Collateral Damage --- "smashing babies heads in and saying "oops, sorry."
Chalkboard --- "Blackboard" (racially offensive)
Delayed Success --- "failure." (sensitivity training)
Vaginal Contractor --- "pimp". ('nuff said)

I wonder when we stopped listening to FDR's advice about fearing fear, and ended up putting the fear-mongers back in power.

I wonder who has the job of finding what has to be the absolutely last possible combinations left to make a movie about. "Snakes On A Plane". WTF???!!!

I wonder if each religion got to change just one rule about some other religion, sort of a holy truth or dare, what would happen.

I wonder if we all just focussed on one world issue at a time, starting with the biggest, and we stuck with it till it was fixed before moving on to the next one, would we get to them all in time. Maybe faster. With more success.

I wonder why we still have beauty contests.

I wonder why we still have lawyers.

I wonder why, when studies are done about the relationship between heavy metal music and suicide, or sex-juiced lyrics and earlier teen sex, the conclusion always says the lyrics cause the behaviour. Why couldn't it be the other way around? "Kids more likely to commit suicide tend to listen to heavy metal music". Use it as an early-warning device. "Kids that engage in early sex tend to listen to lyrics about what their interests are". I mean, c'mon. Kids that go to church listen to Christian Gospel. Does anybody do studies about that leading to narrow-minded bigotry? I'm just asking.

I wonder why PORK is not a verb.

I wonder if e-mail is 100% biodegradable.

I wonder if it's just coincidence that Mr. Spock and Mr. Bones both have the same first name.

I wonder if an expression like "You are a patch on the blue jeans of my life" is endearing, or if it is a threat to sit on your face.

I wonder if anyone of you has been able to tell yet that I've shifted into a slight hypomanic state so you may see a difference in my writing in the days to come.

I wonder if the 18 pills a day I'm taking now are really worth it. (I got Lithium added to the cocktail yeaterday).

I just wonder about things sometimes, y'know? How about you.


Those are all fantastic points! The Spock/Bones one and the "pork" verb really made me smile.

I wonder how many people know the meaning of the word "smegma"...

Angela: I am totally and thoroughly embarrassed to acknowledge that I actually do!

That first quote at the top... my dad's one of those engineers.

You know, keep on wondering... that is what promotes good thought process and maybe even sometimes a solution to those things you wonder about. It's a very good thing.

And I think beauty contests are just popularity contests... can you tell I'm a high school teen scorned?

Ewww smegma!! AInt it that funky buildup that collects in foreskin or something?? Like dick-cheese??

I wonder stuff all the time too - so here is one... how in the world did people survive before the invention of toilet paper?? I mean really?? Did they have more rashes??

I hope the lithium works for you - it didnt' for me - I hated it... more ativan, like more times a day would maybe bring you down... but im no doctor and can't control my own poles, soo..... be well!

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