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It's Not Fair To Call It Poetry

Life is a B Movie: it's stupid and it's strange, it's a directionless story, the dialogue is lame, but in the 'he said she said' sometimes there's some poetry, if you turn your back long enough and let it happen naturally.” - Ani Difranco

Sometimes the beauty is easy. Sometimes you don't have to try at all. Sometimes you can hear the wind blow in a handshake. Sometimes there's poetry written right on the bathroom wall.” - Ani Difranco

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.” - Aristotle

Well, since Dr. Evy has retired and left town (no business!), I thought I would include a short writing I did a few days ago when I wrote that other one about the ups and downs of bipolarism. It's an insult to all poets to refer to this writing of mine as poetry, but free verse sounds too pretentious, so I'm going with the 'poetry' moniker!

I want to make a full apology to anyone who was offended, insulted or disturbed by last week's "Dr. Evy" entry. I think I went overboard with the crassness. I know I offended myself, so I suspect that I did to others too. I apologize.



Your frame of reference,
your journey's care,
crumbles into chaos.

You're left alone
with the shadows
and the fear.

Everything moves.
Nothing moves.
Up is down,
green is brown.
Who cares?

The storm
in the mind
Tranquil again.
Awaiting the next tsunami.

The cycle is


Ok, somehow I missed the Dr. Evy part, but I do have to say that the poem that you wrote - on the other page - I have never seen words that so perfectly describe bipolarism. I need to print it out and take it to my doctor. And furthermore - it is so right to call it poetry!

I don't think you offended anyone with the Dr.Evy thing.....I thought your answer was great!!!!
Second, I think these words are beautiful.
I love the tag too....easy glum, easy glow.:)

LMAO at the word verif.


lol!!! If ya didn't get it read it again slowly.:P

There are few people I respect more than those who have the courage to apologize. Right on! (but I wasn't offended cuz I didnt read that post)

KS: Thanks for the thumbs up on that other piece of writing. I haven't tried to express myself much that way before --- maybe I'll try it some more with encouragement like this!!

Mackey: Props to you to (isn't that how the kids say it nowadays??). As I mentioned, the apology is for those who need it. I appreciate your comments. I sometimes have difficulty establishing the line between 'dirty humour' and crudeness. I don't like crude for crude's sake, and I personally think that's what I had done a bit too much of.

And at the risk of looking the idiot, the second I saw you word verification, I thought "Oh My God". Is that what you saw too?

Jane: Gracious thanks. You have no idea how much I appreciate that comment, and I share your view. Not because I want to toot my own horn here, but I think the world could use a bit more of that --- people acknowledging their mistakes instead of stubbornly sticking by them and making them worse.

P.S. To Mackey and KSHIPPYCHIC: The word verification I got to make this comment was QHPYC. Now, if that doesn't stand for "Question KSHIPPYCHIC", I don't know what does!!

What fun with word verif!lol


I seen "Oh I am O.C.D."(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Yours is much better! I tried something like that (I saw the Oh, I'm" part) but I didn't know that OCD was a legitimate disorder! Besides, technially, mine should have been "Oh my Cod!"

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