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A couple short notes by way of explanation for the title of this blog.

Soulless: Thanks again for your feedback. I'm continuing to be very excited and encouraged by the insights your questions and observations about my theory are giving me. I think I'll be able to "jump a synapse" with you in this blog, if you'll just continue with the "school" analogy I presented you with here, especially the "rules of my school" as outlined under the heading "The operating principles of this school are:".

Mackeydoodle: Sorry about that. I've been a bit sidetracked lately, and I had to get that comment out the way while I thought about it. I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about your tagging me with the letter 'P' [for everyone else, I've promised to post a list of 10 things starting with 'P' that are important to me.] Just so you know, Mackeydoodle, I'm going to do it twice: the first time, just what you expect; the second time as if it was an assignment you have given me to see if I understand my own theory of 'is'! How does THAT grab you for twisted logic??!!

Rona: She's my Member of Parliament, and Canada's Minister of the Environment. I had a "what-if" thought the other day about how I could connect the two, and I posted this entry on another blog site that I contribute to. What if, eh? Or something like that. I mean, "What difference can one person make?", or "What a difference one person can make!!". How can you make a person make a difference? What if Rona made a difference about the global environment? Naw! It'll never happen, it's ALL-POLITICS y'know. [but at least the SEED has been planted...that's always where a WHAT-IF in 'is' starts; with the SEED].


(future blogs, not yet written, or not yet linked):
(NOTE: This list is in no particular order: certainly NOT-sequential)
(if any are of interest to you, just ask!)

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Ok, preliminaries out of the way. I have to share with you an event that illustrates 'is' at work for me today.

I've already posted my daily blog for today, so normally I wouldn't be doing another one until tomorrow morning.

But here I am. FACT.

FACT: I was going to create a blog entry responding to the most recent comments from, you, Soulless, here and here.
[NOTE: by making hyperlinks to your comments I am "carrying forward" your thoughts into this discussion, as if they were "on the table", part of the conversation, and FACT from YOUR point of view]
FACT: I'm doing that, from MY point of view.
POSSIBILITY: perhaps not in a way that you will UNDERSTAND to YOUR satisfaction [it is the STUDENT who determines when learning takes place, not the teacher. The teacher can only determine when teaching has taken place.]
FACT: I'm role-playing the part of a "master teacher" and WHAT-IFing that you are a "master student".
FACT: In my role-playing University of the Blog, all students are teachers, all teachers are students, including both you and me.
FACT: You are teaching me what you don't know that I do know.
FACT: I will assume that I have mastered your deficiency of learning when you and I agree, within the context of 'is', that what you want to learn from me 'is' FACT in both your mind and mine. Then we can merely stipulate to it, and carry on with further learning if you want to.
FACT: As a master teacher, I will only be satisfied that you have mastered the material to my satisfaction if you can demonstrate to me that my WHAT-IF is now your FACT (I'm going to START, as a teacher, with my own, randomly-selected WHAT-IF question, and as soon as you state it as FACT, I will know that you have mastered what I only can speculate about. So teach me what you know to be FACT, so I can satisfy myself that my WHAT-IF 'is', in FACT, a FACT.

I'll cut it off there, as food for thought! As Al says, "bon appetit!"

The example that I will share with you, so you have some idea where my mind-state is coming from is right on target from my point of view.

FACT: I checked my StatCounter

It's a feature that lets me see who comes to visit my site, where they're coming from, if they used a search, what search words got them here, etc. One thing to know, I have been 'hinting' a lot that I see patterns in the shapes of letters as well as their sequence, and I'm planning on writing my first blog about that very shortly (see the list of "un-written" blogs up above). I've also "complained to myself" frequently that I find myself struggling to find the right words sometimes (as Dave would readily attest!).
I've stressed that 'is' is a simultaneous (teacher-learner) type system, and that in a "perfect" illustration of the model, there would be BALANCE, or symmetry. (For instance, in one of your poems, if it was written in 'is', it would read equally well from the bottom to the top as it does top to bottom --- (sort of a palidromothorpic poem, if you will!!), and further, it could have quite different messages in either direction.

The most recent visitor to my site prior to me signing on to create this blog entry arrived here by the Technocrati search phrases "two blogs" and "same site" together. [Those search word pairings are of vital significance to this illustration].


I leave you to read the blog entry of mine that it matched to (but, in fairness, I caution you that it does use some strong language if you look at words with implied context rather than just as letter-strings (ok....so what I am saying....I use the F word to make my points!!). See if you're as dumbfounded with the coincidence of it all as I am, or if it makes total sense from the perspective of 'is'.

Coincidence, or merely we have a "hit" where FACT matches to WHAT-IF at some common LEVEL (or Grade of learning).

Happy thinking!

WHAT-IF Rona Ambrose got to make a positive environmental difference globally?

P.S. It might also be helpful for you to know that I'm a teacher by profession --- 20 years at a post-secondary institute, and I've been a life-long advocate of mastery learning and individualized instruction as both the most efficient and effective model of instruction. I've tried various things over the years, and now, in my retirement years, I'm reflecting back and evolving the details of the model I would have implemented if I had it to do all over again. [So I have a "hidden" agenda; you can't know what I do, and I can't know what you do, unless we convince each other it's FACT]. That's why I appreciate your feedback so much ^-^ (and a big smile on top of that one, too!!)
BONUS QUESTION (if you choose this blog as your exam). I have intentionally built "ebb" and "flow" into this blog, as I "move" back and forth between teacher and student, WHAT-IF and FACT. Can you relate this kind of movement to how a poem might flow, say this one?
The default answer in 'is' is always 'YES'.


Twisted logic?? Bring it on!!! I think it;s the only kind of logic I understand:)

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