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For Mackey and Mel

This isn't a regular blog, folks. Well, yeah, I guess it is, but ....you know what I mean!! See? Not even a quote!

This first one is a picture I had (I didn't take it obviously) that really moves me every time I look at it. Mackey brought it to mind by one that she posted on her picture site today. In one sense, they're all the same aren't they?

This one's for Mel. These are kinda the colours I'm picturing (although it's not exactly there. Just ignore the deep red splotches, and you're pretty close to what I'm picturing, but it's not really that critical!!

And this is for everyone in the whole wide world. I think I've successfully switched over to Firefox, and it seems to be acting a little bit better for me! Touch wood!


I really like Firefox, I just don't seem to get around to changing all my favorites and Sites that I use over to it. Nice pictures.
I enjoyed the pictures and talk about your parends and Grandpa.

Those are both cool photos. I really love that first one. It has so much meaning behind it. I got a great idea of the color you're looking to work with too. Any word on the template yet? Just waiting to have one to start with and we'll be ready to go!

I love the old pix you've been posting the past few entries too! I'm so nostagicly sappy like that!

Beautiful image Rick.
Thanks for sharing it.

DJB: I'm not sure what you mean about changing all your sites and favorites. I just clicked on the "download" button, and ran it. Everything I had is the same as before except a new toolbar on my homepage, because I picked Firefox to be it. I really appreciate your comments about the pictures, too. I was wondering if maybe I was boring people to tears, but I haven't stopped to think back family and hoq blessed I am really am when I put all the other small stuff aside. And finding the scanner and getting it hooked up has been a new toy for me anyway! I inherited a whole bunch of the old family photos, so now I can send copies to my brothers and sister for them to have as well.

Mel: Same comment too. There's something magic about old photos, but I don't know exactly what it is. One thing is that I think,by and large, the posing was much more formal (see next posting < grin! > . When I used to do a lot of garage saling, I'd often pick up old knarly-looking picture frames, and often they would have pictures like this in them. I could never understand why someone would throw out pictures like that....I'd enjoy them...and I didn't even know who the people were!

Mackey: Thanks. Like I said in my comment on your site, my visit there was an emotional and "cathedral-like" experience that I'll never forget. It blew me away how many names were on the wall too.

You know, my aunt and uncle have that farm up north from us and it's a very old farm house, like the early 1900's I think. When they moved in and searched around, they actually found a huge old frame with a very old photo in it. They put it up in their breezeway between the house and the garage and have since determined them to be original (I think) owners of their home and the land around it. It's really cool to me that they have it up on the wall and they love that nostalgic aspect of it!

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