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God Has Off Days Too

You know they say to never buy a car that was manufactured on a Monday, because it will have a lot more flaws? Well, I'm pretty sure when the big guy upstairs was playing with the playdough that endnd up being me, he put me in the oven for final baking on a Monday.

you see, here's something else you don't know about me. In addition to all the other things wrong with me, I suffer from something called Menieres Disease. There are three major characteristics of this condition. There are no known causes. There is no cure. It is very debillitating, and severe attacks can occur with little or no warning. There are three main symptoms. Bouts of extreme vertigo lasting from hours to days, often accompanied by frquent nausea is the most obvious to outsiders. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears loud enough to affect hearing, and finally gradual deafness. Also, frequently during an attack, the eyes will fluctuate rapidly. A typical attack will lasr from 2 to 4 hours, but often takes days to recover from, due to weakness from vomiting, overall shakiness of muscle coordination, and a lasting sense of imbalance when walking or moving. Finally, sometimes there is an alternating feeling of chills and fever.

It has been over two years since I had my last, very minor, attack. In fact, Ive only had one major attack, about 6 years ago, when I was diagnsed. I've had a number of smaller ones since then, until yesterday. Yup, I'm back in the big leagues again. A couple days ago, I noticed that I was staggering sometimes when I was walking. A couple days ago, I upchucked a perfectly wonderful dinner. I still didn't put two and two together until yesterday. After another whoopsie with another meal, and falling down after losing my balance, I finally figured out what was happening. I'm back playing in the big leagues apparently.

It's taken me about two hours to type this, because I can only type a few words at a time, then I have to close my eyes for awhile so the dizziness won't start again. I shuffle around the house at a rate of about 10 feet per week, and always carry my trusty catch-it-all pot, just in case there's still something left in my belly the big guy hasn't found yet.

I'm not telling you this to win the sympathy vote of the month, although I can say that it's somewhat more annoying than a pimple on the ass. I just wanted to let you know why I likely won't be "visiting" you for a couple days. I'm heading back to bed.

Oh yeah, one more thing in case any of you need reminding:
dry heaves = very unpleasant



I hope you recover quickly from this attack. Get some rest and feel better as soon as you can.


I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this! I've had a few bouts with vertigo myself. Allergies, supposedly -- my doctor said I had some fluid in my ears. It was very bad a couple years ago, where I couldn't move my head because any slight motion would send me into a spin. And I was in school at the time, reading a lot of books for a literature class -- I couldn't even read without getting dizzy, and ended up getting behind in my work. So I know how completely MISERABLE that feeling can be. Hope you feel better soon!!

An old friend of mine suffers form the same thing. Apparently caffeine is a contributor to the attacks. I am not sureif you consume a ot of caffeine but if you do it is something you might want to have in moderation.

Hope you feel better soon.

((((HUGS))))my friend.

I've never heard of this disease, but it sounds absolutely horrible. I hope this episode passes as soon as can be. You'll be in my thoughts & prayers, friend.

oh, btw, LOVE the new look!

No need for reminding us of dry heaves, my friend. I know them well. I'm terribly sorry for that problem.

Praying now for you to get better. And good on you for holding the strength of humanity inside you while fighting this.

Sorry to see you are not doing to well now. I'm a few days late here now, hope things have gotten better for you.

I just wanted to peek in on ya and see if you've gotten on the mend yet.


Well I'm late too... Gaw I hope you are feeling better! This does not sound like a real fun way to spend some days....
Head up hunny (out of the toilet)

Feel better real quick!!

Not to minimize your health problems, but in fact -- according to the Bible -- God created the whole universe on a Monday. So probably everything is screwed up in one way or another.

Take care, Rick.

Or was that s Sunday. I get bibical accounts confused. I know He did something on a Monday.

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