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The Evolution Of A Nerd: Ages And Stages

"Inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity, and gifted with an egotistical imagination.” - Benjamin Disraeli

Ah! Mr. Disraeli knows me too well.

Last of the pics here, for you who say you're enjoying them!

First, Mom & Dad's college/university graduation pictures.

Then their wedding (1937).....

Along came a family of five (I'm in the middle)....

Who all had the habit of getting bigger (check out where my brother's feet are! I'm on Dad's lap).....

And nerdier (I'm sitting cross-legged in front).....

And skinnier (I am the dweeb on the left hand side practicing the Olsen twins look)......

Hippies are always more colourful, just ask Becky! (yup! That's me in the beard! It looks so funny to me now, but when I had it, I felt like the cat's meow. Strange, eh )....

And finally, a couple close approximations of me when I was in California a couple years ago (That's me on the top and me on the bottom...I guess that's what they mean by versatile!....).

I've quite enjoyed this trip down memory lane. It's made me a bit nostalgic this week. I think that's good!


First of all Rick, I simply adore your sense of humour.
Laughed my butt off when I read the title.
If you are a nerd then you are the coolest nerd I have ever known.
Love the beard, it totally suits you.
Maybe you should try a goatee??!

nice pics

looking forward to seeing your new template

Versatile...doop! You crack me up. Lovely pictures.

Great smile! Its wonderful to finally put a face w/the blog. LOL

Yay for versatility!!! Woo Hoo!

It's so great that you have these old pix of your family! I love looking at the older photos of mine when my dad decides to break them out. It's so different now than it was then... today the world of full of pix and they're a dime a dozen, but when you have them from those days, they're simply priceless.

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