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Just So You Know...

I might be off the air for awhile, but I certainly hope not. Many, many strange things are happening with my computer tonight. I won't even begin to try and describe it, but I'm guessing I've been infected in some manner. I hope I haven't inadvertently infected anyone else.

So, I'm going to try and figure things out, but I'm just sayin......


What is going on with it???
I am no computer whiz but I have had a few problems with my own & have fixed it so maybe I can be of some help.

Likewise. I have emailed twice since my email was fixed, by the way..let me know you are okay!

Oh I hope you didn't get any kind of puter virus. Those can be pretty nasty.

Well, it seemed that today was starting off ok. However, I tried to post a comment to the blog about marbles, and I got a "This server is experiencing a problem. An engineer has been notified" message.

I had similar things happen last spring, and eventually figured it out, but it's good to know I have backup! Thanks.

(When I tried to post THIS comment, the "visual verificatin" letters didn't show up.

This may all be just Blogger problems.

"...similar things happen last spring.." as in all sorts of other kinds of problems. I didn't mean like this blogger message!

Blame it on the full moon. That's what I do. LOL

Having just come back from a hard drive malfunction, I share your pain. Here's hoping you won't be gone long.

Hope that thing gets to working right quickly.

Have you installed any new spyware or adware detection or firewalls? I had one in my computer called Zone Alarm & it blocked absolutely everything!
Even my hotmail!!
I wasn't able to see the word verif. letters either so I took it out & stuck with my original firewall.

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