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An Update

Is it just me, or did everybody get a new look on blogger? It took me a couple minutes to figure out! I can't connect with any of my favorite bookmarked sites now, but that'll be a totally different problem.

Speaking of problems, for any techies or know-its out there, I have two peculiar problems regarding pictures. I have several folders in "My Pictures" folder, where I have been plopping in pictures that I like as I find them. Well, I decided to free up space, and so tried to move a whole bunch to a disc in the D: Drive. I highlighted them all by holding the ctrl key, then dragged and dropped (or so I thought!) to the disc. I got a prompt about writing the disc, I said "Yes", and lo and behold, the original pictures are still also where they were! It copied rather than move. Since I didn't select all the pictures, I now have to go back and find the same ones again, highlight them, and then delete them. I shouldn't have to do that. I can drag and drop using exactly the same technique from one folder to another...just not to a disc (I have done it many times in the past). Two differences: I have since installed Mozilla. I installed Photoshop for awhile, and then removed it when it buggered up all my pictures (My guess is the source of the problem is there somewhere).

The second interesting thing I've noticed now (but not always), is with pictures that I reverse horizontally with Paint. Sometimes I find a picture I'd like to put on my desktop for awhile, but the main part of the picture is on the left hand side, and gets covered by my desktop icons. So, I flip it over if there's no writing that would come out backwards. Works like snot in a doorjamb EXCEPT the thumbnail image that appears in "My Pictures" remains in the original orientation. If I click on it, the full-sized image shows reversed. Go figger.

And still speaking of problems....a health update. I was very moved by all the well wishes that you folks left. It means a lot. I've stopped losing my meals for about two days now, and can keep my eyes open for long stretches now. I still have to very careful when "changing elevation"...i.e. sitting to standing, standing to lying down, etc. If I move too quickly it sets off the inner ear thing and I start getting a dizzy spell again. Of course the natural tendency is then to lie down quickly, which is exactly not the thing to do! I'm still getting the alternating chills and hot feelings, but the funniest lingering symptom is the unsteadiness while walking. I look like a"drunk in the midnight choir" sometimes, staggering along unable to walk a straight line! I have a couple of my Grandpa's canes down in the basement storage (yup, the Grandpa in the dress!!). I should dig those out and use them, but my vanity still doesn't want me doing that.

I phoned my family doctor to make an appointment for my annual checkup, and see if he wanted to see me about this...and found out he retired June 30th!! I was in to see my Psych doctor yesterday, so I told him about it, and he wrote me a prescription for the meds my family guy used to give me. Got all that?

Just one more thing. On top of all this, I've had a pretty constant, but on again off again, episode of the hiccups for the past week or 10 days now. The longest I ever remember going before is about 10 minutes!.


Life....you gotta love it. What else is there to do with it? Hope everyone's having good things happen. I apologize that I haven't been around visiting your sites for a few days, and likely won't for a couple more at least. Staring at the screen for too long makes my eyes start flickering and tired.

So, with that, I'll leve you this little puzzle to ponder (and this one you will HAVE to click on and enlarge if you have any chance at all!!)....


You can always Cut the pictures you select and Paste them to the D drive.

There has been a wealth of problems with blogger lately, and again I am having trouble commenting ect, and even getting some blogs to load....

You should use the cane man!! Canes are COOL and make you look distinguisheder! Good to hear you are feeling somewhat better tho - hope it keeps going in that direction... Love Beck

Gald to hear that you are on the mend.
Love the Apricot pic...I am still trying to gigure out which one is the apricot.
It will give me something to occupy my time.:P

Nice to know you're getting a little relief from your illness. I hope it's gone totally for you ASAP!

Sounds like Nerdboy has a good option for you to try with your pix, too.

Yup...another who's glad you are feeling a little better.

Find the apricot...too funny. I never did find it tho...WAS THERE ONE? lol

I had no problem linking to My Daily Struggles from your blog. Does that mean I am not one of your favorite bookmarked sites?

I'm no computer guru, but there sounds like a bit more problem in the computer, than just cut and paste. PhotoShop wouldn't cause any problem as far as I know. I use PSP and PS, and never had a problem with either.
Hopefully your sickness problems will clear up soon.

Dude, emailed ya about your health and such and didn't hear back! If you get a chance, email me and let me know you are still recovering okay.


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