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Okay. I concede. I'm stupid and naive, but can ANYONE please tell me how to get my address bar back so it shows on my home page.

[View----Toolbars----Address Bar] is ticked as being turned on....but it ain't anywhere.

Pleeeeeez!!!! (and thanx, of course!)

Silly Ricky......just have your cursor hovering around where your address bar would be & then your cursor will turn into a vertical arrow...when it does just left click & pull down & WALLA!!!! it should be there.
If that doesn't work then I don't know WTF the problem is!!:D

Well, actually I had tried the "hover and pull" technique (sounds dirty....I wonder if there's a little kitten chasing a...oh, never mind!). I wasn't even getting the arrow by the cursor. I just now deleted the Yahoo tool bar, and tried again. This time, the only place it changed to an arrow was right below the very bottom bar (above the main box). Pull again, and voila! Thank you so much! I was going totally nuts.

Now, if you could explain to me that sometimes when I click on a link or a picture, a second window pops up with the related material, but the new window is only about two inches square (it used to be full-screen). These are pop-ups I want, so I turn pop-up blocker off temporarily.

That one is more curiousity than functionality.

And finally (I suppose these should be going on Shane's techie site, huh? I just don't want to take any more time from him. He's got other priorities!) why does Microsoft keep a different "favorites" list than Mozilla (I think they don't save new additions on each other, but yet the lists are about 90% the same.)

We'll never know enough. That's going to be my motto for life (in fact, check out what it says by my profile...pretty prophetic (and pathetic!) wouldn't you say!!!

Thanks again, and I hope it's okay to give you {{hugs}}!

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I will laways take a hug from you.
Glad I could be of help. I am not to sure why your pop ups happen in the small window. I think somewhere there is a setting for that but I am not sure.
So are you feeling any better yet?

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