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It's A Dog's Life

Life is like a dogsled team. If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes.” - anon

What can deep water do to a fish? What can the vast sky do to a bird? What can cold do to a stone? What is married life to a eunuch? You may apply sandalwood oil to a dog, but he will still be a dog.” - Sri Guru Granth Sahib (honest---that's his name!)

Everyone should be able to live their lives free to choose their own belief system, who they wish to love, whether they be black or white, male or female, dog or cat or horse, without being criticized for their choice.” - Allanah Myles

Every morning when I get up, I always put on a happy face. I start the day expecting it to be a good one, unless someone messes it up for me"

Yeah---me too, but sometimes I just need a little kiss from ma to keep me going.

"Man---let me tell you about the party I was at last night....."

"Yeah, that kind! We were getting into each other's pants before it was over."

I gotta learn to cut down on the drinking, though. I had such a hangover this morning, you wouldn't believe...."

"...and wouldn't you know it. My humans picked today to get some portraits done. Why do they always point that black thing at me, then stick it in my face?"

"I got even with them, though. They wanted pictures of my small humans too, so my girl and I were messing around in the background. I don't think my humans saw us though!"

"....but the one thing I can say about my humans is that, no matter how the day went or what I did, they always forgive me. I always wonder why they don't do it all the time to each other, though. Must be a human thing. I will never understand them as long as I live."

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.” - anon


Great pix and words to go with them.
BTW, Click on the recent visitor map on the left side of your statcounter, then you can zoom in to find out where it comes from. Sometimes it is general. Mine shows Redlands, but that is 35-40 mi. from m4e.

That was great, what a feel good post. I love them animal critters! ;)

I love the "feel good" posts.
The top pic & the one of the dog & boy saying their prayers are my fave.

Hah! Made my day...and boy was I in need of a "make my day" post! Thnaks. BTW...did ya get my last email? Yell at me...

LMAO! I love the doggie pix! Um, I say photographers fault on not catching the action in the background on the one! LOL!

TC: Thanks for the info. I'll try it out for sure.

Olivia, Mackey, Shane: How can a post about animals NOT be a feel-good post, eh? They are so "unconcerned" about our problems, that they always put everything back in perspective. (P.S. my favorite --- although it's hard to pick --- is the one where he's digging into the crotch of the guy on the floor. I don't know why, I just really cracked up (no pun intended LOL) when I saw that one.

MW: This is driving me nuts!! Are you who I think you are? When I click on your name, all I get is your profile, but there's no link to any blog that goes with it. Call me naive, but it really is driving me nuts!! I may have to have another hospital visit if you don't fess up LOL!!

Awww so cute.

That last dog is praying/asking "When I get to heaven, do I get my nuts back?" LOL

I'll be here all week. :P

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