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"We Have The Right To Bear Arms"

"Computers have enabled people to make more mistakes faster than almost any invention in history, with the possible exception of tequila and hand guns” - Mitch Ratcliffe

Rural areas are lagging because they are the last front in the 1980s crime wave that started with crack in the big cities and put guns in the hands of kids in gangs and outside gangs.” - Alfred Blumstein

They go from hand to hand to hand. For a lot of kids, it's harder to get their hands on a pack of cigarettes than it is to get a gun.” - Sergio Arqueta

About 14 years ago, a guy named Mark Lepine walked into one of the French junior colleges in Montreal; separated the women from the men in the auditorium or lecture hall he was in; let the men go free and proceeded to shoot to death about a dozen women, (I apologize...I don't remember exact numbers) injuring others, before he shot himself.

This event led directly to the establishment of a gun registry, which (although the police use it thousands of time a day now), the new Conservative government is yielding to the gun lobby (not quite as strong as in the States, but certainly getting there) and have announced that they are scrapping it this fall. In fairness, it has been a political hot potato for the previous government, when estimates to establish it were 1 or 2 million dollars, and they spent...get this, it's no typing error...over one billion dollars on it.

Well, last week, a "goth guy" walked into an English junior college in Montreal and opened fire. One girl was killed, four others are still in critical condition, and many were injured, before a policeman shot him in the arm, so he took his own life. The twisted thing here, though, is he wrote about it in detail on Myspace, even including pictures of him brandishing guns (all of which he owned legally by joining a gun club). People instantly started generalizing about black clothes or loud music or whatever make all goths (vegans in many cases) evil young people. Its like saying all Mexicans are lazy, or all gays are child molestors, or all white men cheat on their wives and vice versa.

So I learned something last night that chilled me to the very marrow of my existence. I decided to do a little experiment. I got onto Myspace and very quickly found a site for a "goth-like" kid. Then what I did, is at each place I visited, I would look down the list of "friend" entries, pick one, and move on to that one. Now, if you're not familiar with Myspace, almost every site has pictures of the owner.

The search I was doing (more accurately, the random trail I was following) very quickly led me away from the goths to something else. For your edification, let me share with you a small sampling of some of the pictures I found within half an hour of looking.

These pictures are posted openly on the internet, people. Why do we still keep asking "Why?" and pretend to be shocked everytime one of these tragedies occurs?

God help our children.

Out doors, completely in the open, obviously not the least bit concerned.

He has the "gangsta" part down, I wonder if he worries about his nuts being blown off...and what's his curfew time on school nights. How old can this kid be, for cryin' out loud? It breaks my heart..

The essential tools of the trade. Notice the bling, the coloured bandana, and the clip of bullets. Yeah....right...essential tools of the trade. The hat goes on at an angle. That's really important, apparently. .

The same young kid as above, but he wants to have the chance to accidentally shoot his best friend while they're mucking around with the gun. But at least his friend will go down flashing the gang's hand gestures. That's really important too. Almost as essential as the bling, I guess. .

....and here he is one more time, apparently to show that he can walk and chew gum at the same time...or at least flash the gang sign while he shoots someone at the same time. Close enough.

Oh yeah, folks, whitey does it too. It's another myth that only black kids in the ghetto are the gun problem. Here's a "by the way" for you to consider: of all the school shootings that there have been, how many have been been by black kids, and how many by white. In this pic, I guess he's showing that with twice as many rifles, I can kill twice as many people in the same amount of time...with most of his face covered. That's very stylish right now, judging by the pictures I saw (and, incidentally, practical too if you're going to murder someone). If Mary has two apples, and Johnny....

Check out the clip on this guy's killing machine. I can understand why he needs that. He's probably going to hunt for quail, and those little buggers are fast, or maybe he's practicing for joining the army and just brought his homework home. Or maybe do a drive-by shooting..

It kinda makes you wonder where they get the attitude from, doesn't it? Not the adults, that's for sure. .

Like I said, God bless the children. In the meantime, we might as well stop pretending to be upset and alarmed and wringing our hands every time there's another slaughter like we saw last week. You can have one or the other, but not both. We get to keep the guns in an uncontrolled fashion, and put up with the population control that these maggots do from to time; or we control them, and make it a better, as well as safer, place to live. We can't have both. We've made our bed, we've chosen who will get heard first. So let's stop drivelling over the execution of an innocent young girl who just showed up to learn something one day. Just her tough bananas luck for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If it hadn't been her, he would have gotten someone else.


I love ya brother. I own a gun, but only because my daddy gave it to me and I hold it for sentimental value.

I must disagree though on gun control. Simply making it illegal for anyone to own a gun won't keep it out of the hands of the people who have no problem breaking the laws.

It's not the law abiders doing these crimes, I think. And unless the Gov'ments bring about a police state in which they go door to door and search every house in the country, there isn't a thing we can do about those silent monsters among us who have the intent to cause harm.

Its a sad state of affairs when some of the biggest musical hip-hop celebs are making this type of attitude-look (whatever) glamarous (if you want to call it that) and get what seems like 24/7 coverage via MTV.

I can't imagine living in a neighborhood where I had to carry a piece with me! That's just insane! But...these are the times we live in. SCARYYYYYYYYYYY.

Red: Thanks for your comments. I didn't mean to suggest anything approaching a police state....sorry if that's how it came across. But surely someone could target the kids who openly advertise it here on the net. I'm willing to bet that not all of those guns in the pictures are "legal". Also, I fully agree with you on the "law-abiding" thing. I just don't get why there's such an adamant fear of simply registering the gun. If it's legal, what's the problem? That way the cops can trace stolen weapons, but more significantly, they can know in advance if there's a gun in a house where they've been called to a domestic dispute or similar.

JJ: I couldn't agree more. Once we stop glamorizing a gun as an extenssion of your penis (well....not yours, but you get what I mean!!), we'll be well on the road to reducing the problem. It'll never be solved. Like I said, that's the choice our society has opted for; let's just not cry for the victims anymore, or be shocked or surprised when the next one WILL happen. It's too hypocritical to pretend that anymore.

(You might be able to tell that this is a bit of a sore spot with me!)

(P.S. my word verif is BQBJFITS. I don't know why, but all of a sudden I'm thinking of Barbeques and blow jobs! Well, if the show fits.....!!!!)

Yeah, I agree with registering them. Some of those that they're holding are illegal, crazy how easy it is to get them on the streets.

Good post, mano!

These pictures make me sick. I'm for 100% gun control. I think automatic weapons should be banned. But, I'm just a Californian peacenik, so shoot me!

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