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Okay, I'll Try This Again

The "again" refers to my previous post here.

This is the death remembrance of my grandmother's baby sister. As you can see, she only lived for 2 months, dated 1891.

And this, although the top part has completely faded, is a page from a Bible (dated 1813, "printed by Sir D. Hunter Blair and J. Bruce, Printers to the King's Most Excellent Majesty". (Cool the way the "talked" then, eh?)

I can't make it all out, but one part at the bottom reads: "Catherine Kilborn at Kingston on Monday 5th November 1832 at 1/2 past 10 o'clock P.M. a Snow Storm in the morning, the first of the season".


Hi R! I really enjoy this old old family stuff!

What is the writing on the Bible referencing?

My grandmother used to write things like that down as well, so different the times are today.

JJ: It's a reference of people in the family, when they are born and when they die. In thi case, it would be recording her death. I have another page (probably from a different Bible) that documents the dates of the folks that I think I showed in one of those old pictures awhile back (the one with the old couple and five daughetrs). Sadly, it also lists 4 other children who all died quite young; one in infancy, one 2 years old, one 4. They didn't have health care in those days!

KS: Yeah, sometimes we get so caught up in today that we forget what got us here. think it's always worth a pause and time out. I look at this stuff from time to time just to remind me of that.

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