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my computer is as Dead As A Doorpost

Uh oh.....damn *&^%$!!@ computers!


Hi Evy! Hope you get the puter up and running soon!

Sorry I have been sooooo scarce lately. Life has been incredibly busy with the job, the family and the holidays. But I just wanted to pop in and let you know, tho I've not been around a ton, I'm still thinking of you!


(Its funny, isin't it - when our computers crash or are out of commission we curse them a blue streak! But most days, when they are running properly, we never thank them! Maybe we have just hurt their feelings! hahahaha!)

Hope yours is feelin' better soon.

>( sometimes I hate computers....

Awww Crap, that's always a pain in the ass. Hope you get up and running soon.

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