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Bloody Frustrating Techie Question #1

(Note: any or all of these questions are available for open mockery and derision at any time. I don't care, as long as I hopefully get an answer from somebody, somewhere..)

I have been using one-sided CD discs to copy some photos and other files I have that I just want on low-volume storage. I assumed I'd be freeing up memory space....maybe a false assumption. First, it's a real adventure writing to the D:-drive, because I'm never sure if the data's actually been written or not, so I always make a backup on the old floppy discs from A:-drive days,(sounds a tad redundant to me...how about you?)), just to CYA. Sometimes they get written, sometimes they don't.

Yesterday I bought a package of "CD-RW - rewritable discs, believing it would now function much like my old A:-drive. Not true! It's behaving exactly the same as the CD-R Recordable disc did (i.e. acting like it's a write-only disc.

Appealing to "Help files" has led me in more and more aggravating circles, and so I break down and ask you, "How stupid are I being?".

1) Does anyone know what type of problem it is that I'm trying to describe.
2) Do you have any suggestions for how I might be able to address it?

P.S. A whole mess of truly bizarre things has been happening to my computer of late that I've decided to either fix the old one ( needing a new motherboard for a 16-inch Toshiba computer), or go ahead and jump on what seems to be the Apple revolution. Opinions also welcome here.

Finally, as a bonus, you know like when you have multiple windows open at the same time? Up until about a month or so ago, any new windows would open up full-size, just as always. Now they're about 2 inches square if that. Which stupid-button am I hitting here for this one ;))?

Oh yeah, have a better day than it looks like I'm gonna have ;))


Hmmmm....I think this is Shanes area of expertise:)

A CD-RW disk is the same as a CD-R except that a CD-RW can be erased and used over and over again. A CD-R cannot be erased. R is write, and RW is rewrite. I don't know what program you are using, to write the files, and how big your files are. Newer CD, R or RW, will hold 700 MB of information. Two CD's won't hold all my files, I have to break them into three. Let me know what program you use for Writing. As you move each File to the writing program it should have a bar that shows how much you have used and how much is left. After you write to the disk, and check it to see that all the files have been recorded, then you need to go into My Documents or wherever you copied the files from, then delete them from that area of your computer, to open more room. I wish my new computer had an (A) drive.
I will have to research the question about the mini-windows coming up, been a while since I had that problem.
Hope I have given you some help here.

TC: You have no idea how much this has helped. At the risk of showing off my "naivete", is it possible I'm using Internet Explorer to write? Those are the help files I always end up trying to de-cipher anyway.

I haven't seen the bar showing how much is used and how much is still available, but I'll be sure to look for it.

I haven't been going into "My Documents" to delete the files once they've been copied just because of my uncertainty. In fact, I make a back-up copy!!

When I move an item from one folder to another within the same folder, it automatically deletes the original copy. I assumed the same thing would be happening here. So, if I understand you correctly, I'm going to have to keep track of whatever file names I end up putting on disc, right, so I can then go back and delete them?

Thanks again, ever so much for your help. Part of it came from an incredibly frustrating day, so please don't think I was taking anything out on you!!

Your help is so much appreciated.


The problem could be that you don't actually have a CDRW drive.

Your computer might just treat all CDS as CDRs, in that case.

But screw using CDS anyway. The more efficient solution is to get a USB hard drive with GIGS and GIGS of storage. Plug it into your USB port (assuming you have one) and your computer will recognize it as an F drive or something.

Then you can drag all your files over there, pretty much at once, lay back and watch them copy.

Then you can go and explore that drive and click on them all to check at your leisure.

I use this system and it works really well.

Rock on man-


ps Any Staples store sells these gizmos and they will work out cheaper and more trustworthy in the long run.

Hello! Hello! Hello! It is so great to hear from you again. I thought I lost you when I dropped the "is" theory stuff!!

Does my memory serve me that you've just been on a fairly long vacation/journey, or am I confusing it with an earlier trip?

I guess we'll be seeing each other at Christmas after all. The airports will make me really nervous, esp. that time of year, but I can't "hermitage away myself either!!

So.....how's by you, big guy?

This is such a thrill to hear from you! (And I'll likely be taking your advice...the guy at Toshiba told me it was cheaper to throw away a $2500) computer that was bought 3 years ago than it is to fix it. Says something for the times, doesn't it?

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