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The Rough And The Smooth

"If you get a good lead, then when you hit your rough spot, it doesn't hurt as bad.” - Tim Worrell

Hump it, bump it, whack it! It might be a recipe for a good sex life, but it won't win the World Cup.” - Ken Bates

Life is all about rides. This is something I've always wanted. There have been hard bumps in the road that have got me down, but never got me off track. I'm just blessed.” - Saniel Fells

The Rough and the Smooth

Don't expect to travel smoothly along Life's way.
You're bound to strike a rough bit here and there...
Difficulties you are sure to meet with every day,
For there are tricky turnings everywhere.

Don't imagine someone's going to flatten all the humps
Because you want it easy all the while...
There'll be awkward corners, stony ruts and sudden bumps,
And many a long, uninteresting mile.

Be prepared for jolts and jars.
Don't meet them with a frown...
But calmly, and you'll find that it will pay...
Take the rough parts with the smooth,
The uphill and the down...

You can't expect a good road all the way.

[Taken from the writings of Patience Strong ...I kid you not!!]


Thanks for this Rick. I really needed this right now.
Very true words. We have to have the rough spots so that we appreciate the smooth times all the more.
BTW...love that ad for the car....wonder if anyone actually bought it?:)

Yes, the ad for the car was grrrrreat.

Interesting about "Everything will be alright in the end". I like to think that there isn't an end. Ever!

It's the bumps and turns that perhaps make us stronger...as painful as they can be while we 'ride them out'...and I'm banking on things being alright in the end.


It's Friday! Where are you Rick???!!! Hope all is well.

Hi, just thought I'd pop in and let ya know I still live, can you believe it!? Life's been a little crazy lately around here.

Hey, I did see your post about how you couldn't get your leaf divider to show... I wanted to tell you how to do that... Once that initial image is uploaded to blogger, you don't need to reload it each time...

Here's what you do... Go into any post where the leaf divider image is there. Go into your html and find that image html (let me know if you're not sure what I'm talking about and I'll explain that part more). Copy everything in the image link from the first "a" to the last with the "/" and paste it anywhere that's convenient for you to access it quickly, tho I think a notepad or wordpad document would work best. Then you just copy and paste that image link in to where ever you need it when posting (you have to do this in the html area tho). Because the image is already uploaded to blogger, you only need to paste the code for it into each spot you want it and it will automatically link to it!

I hope this helps and email me any time if you have a question!

Where you find the things you use on your blogs is beyond me. That SOTP sign is hilarious!! I wonder if that car is 1/2 off. Ya think?

O.K. That's it! I am digging out your phone number & I am going to call you & see where you are hiding!

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