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The Word Is Identity

The word is Identity:

In the world of today it seems to become increasingly imperative for each individual to attain a strong sense of identity. Many people unhesitatingly place this need ahead of security or other basic needs. Ways in which this sense of identity is attained vary among individuals, but it seems to come to the person who can truly say, "I have learned to feel a strong awareness of purpose and meaning in my life. In times of work, recreation, socializing with others, or being alone, I know who I am and why I am here."

Notwithstanding what I said in the previous post, some of this is not only going to be easier than I imagined, but long overdue.

There is some therapeutic value to "just having it out there". It's like releasing this angry little soul that's been perched on the wrong shoulder for too much of your life, always whispering "But what will other's think?".

I don't care anymore what others think. I'm no longer out to impress anybody.

So, yeah, the personal pain will still be there from time to time, but the more I think about it, the more excited I am about doing it. I just hope I see it through....so many of these "undertakings" in the past have not lasted past the front gate.

Thanks for your comments earlier, too. Those are going to be the kinds of questions I'll be asking myself, so it will help BIG-TIME to have you (as third parties) helping to ask them for me. I truly appreciate it.


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