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Promises made - Promise kept

I've been having some 'techie' types of problems the last few days with my computer, but I think things are straightened out now, so today will just be my response to the 'tag' challenge that Mr. "Wasted Days" gave me a few days ago.

1) Four jobs I've had:

a) summer job dissecting adult female European Pine Shoot Moth insects, and counting the number of mature eggs in each ovariole (got boring after awhile....was for a research project)
b) Junior programmer on a main-frame computer, memory-size 4K bytes (programming in IBM Autocoder language)
c) Teacher at post-secondary level (20 years) teaching logical problem-solving, communications, student success, and a dozen or so other courses over the years. Eventually, as I've said before, the technology passed me in the middle of the night, and I missed it!
d) Ran my own one-person small-time business supplying greeting cards to approx 150 retail outlets. On any given day I was CEO, accountant, salesman, or stock boy. My health has caused me to select early retirement from 'work'.

2) Four movies I would watch over and over:

a) The Matrix
b) The Song Remains The Same
c) At Play In The Fields Of The Lord
d) Being There
e) The Cube
f) Imagine: John Lennon

(NOTE: far, far too many to pick from to keep it down to 4....I collect movies!)

3) Four places I have lived:

a) grew up in Sault Ste Marie, Ont.
b) spent a year and a half (not so successfully!) trying to get a degree from University of Waterloo, Ontario
c) spent some of the best years of my life (1967-75) in Montreal
d) have been in Edmonton Ab since 1975.

4) Four TV show I like to watch:

a) Jeremiah (not on any more)
b) College basketball (playoffs only!)
c) Ok...I'll admit it, I watch Survivor if nothing else is attracting my attention
d) I used to be a TV junkie....but I've given most of it up (check in with the news, probably a bit too often!)

5) Four favorite books:

a) The Tenth Insight
b) Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
c) Beyond the Male Myth
d) A Course in Miracles

(caveat: I'm a slow reader...so some of these are incomplete, or on my 'to-do' list....now that I'm retired, I really must!)

6) Four places I've been on vacation:

a) Christmas in Jamaica (known romantically by those who know as "the Christmas from Hell"!)
b) The Maritime provinces (lots of family roots there)
c) Bicycled from Edmonton to Victoria B.C. as youth group leader (outstanding memories)
d) Palm Springs Calif.
(I'm not a biggie on major vactation trips)

7) Four favorite foods:

a) chicken
b) chocolate
c) cheese
d) tomatoes

8) Four places I'd rather be right now:

(hope you don't mind a tad of "oh-sigh" stuff here)
a) in a more compassionate world
b) in a more peaceful world
c) in a more understanding world
d) in a world more accepting of individual differences, tastes and motivation, without judgment.

So, there you have it.

I'm just glad that you didn't ask about my 'dark side'!!!


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Sorry, when I click on your link, I get a message URL not found.

Aha! now I can get to it. I had a glitch in the computer that's just been fixed.

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