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"I realized I was really, really afraid to try something 100 percent because I had never reached true failure." - Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

"Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something". - Frederick Smith.

"Don't confuse mistakes with failure". -me

Sometimes that path ahead is just too big to manage, even if there is a light at the end of it!!.

I set out to do five things with my blog site today. I half-accomplished one of them.

1) I wanted to figure out how to change my avatar. (no luck!)
2) I wanted to add a new box to my sidebar and incorporate a "saying of the day" in it from a site called "ThinkExist.com" (I had it working for a day or two a couple weeks ago, then something somewhere got screwed up, so I removed the code and it went back on my "someday" list). (no luck!)
3) I wanted to include a random "bumper sticker philosophy" bar that changes each time a page is opened. (no luck!)
4) I wanted to include a site counter like on "Decandent Tranquility's" site, that shows how many visitors from which country are/have visited the site, with a cool map that surfaces when your mouse drifts over the bar. (I got a page counter to work, but not like that). (half luck!)
5) I wanted to include a blog-clicker referral bar that gets more traffic to your site the more people click on it, like I found on "Drama Princesses" site a few weeks ago. (no luck!)

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the HTML code on my site. I spent some time reading various help pages and sites. I registered myself on two sites, which probably means I'm in line for some adware along the way.

I petted my cat and listened to music, and downloaded a cool screensaver of circuses and masks.

So, today, I didn't get to accomplish my tasks. But I got a lot done.

Instead, for your amazement, here are a few sidewalk chalk drawings that will blow you away....the artist is interacting with his own work, and the photographer's angle is part of the set-up. Cool stuff. And, of course, I've slipped in another couple of my fractals {grin} BTW, what does ROTF stand for in comments? I've finally figured out LMAO. I figure TF stands for "The F***", but RO????

1 - Choir of Snails

2 - Copper mesh

3 - Lava lamp

Rolling On The Floor, "ROTF", in other words, fell out of the chair.

Good Chalk Drawings.

Fantastic Fractals,

You can change your picture in your profile settings, just go to edit my profile. Then you will need the HTML for the pic - I just upload to blogger and get the part that ends with jpeg, and copy and paste it there.

I like the lava lamp fractal the best, and that is a really cute pic of that baby up there!!LOL!

Great! It worked. Thanks a lot. I didn't know how to grab it without having a separate website to grab it from. It never occured to me to upload it to one of my blogs first, then delete it after I put it in the profile. You just tripled my day's output!!



:) I will share the sparse knowledge that I do have.... HEHE!

Rick, have you checked out statcounter.com. The site allows you to generate a code that you can insert into your blog template that monitors the people who visit your site. It's really fascinating to see who's logging onto your site, where they're from, how many times they revisit, the length of their visit, and what search terms led them to your site. You might want to check that out.

Sounds ominously like Big Brother, doesn't it?!! But I'll check it out, for sure. The one I happened to see showed how many people from each country wer currently visiting, and if I drifted my cursor over the count, a world map appeared, showing the countries of the visitors. Even though I know it's all 1's and 0's, and objects and code, there's still an element of magic and mirrors to it all!

You'll see I got a daily quote incorporated into my footer bar after I wrote the blog, and KSHIPPYCHIC helped me changed the avatar, so I'm three for five after all. Not bad!

Thanks for the info.


I miss the picture of the little doggie that adorned your profile.

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