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Fractal Critique - 101

"Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music. Your days are your sonnets." -Oscar Wilde.

(Note: video takes about 15 seconds to load...but you gotta see it! At least the first part {smile!}

(Lyrics for song available here)
Lean On Me - Kirk Franklin, Bono, and others

I welcome anyone visiting this site to give me feedback, criticism, comment, analysis... good or bad...doesn't matter!! Daddy Jarbucks has gotten me hooked on playing with fractals, so this, and the next two blog entries will contain 10 each of ones I've done.

Pick your favorite(s) from each blog, and 'vote' for them by leaving a comment please (I don't know how to set up voting-type counters on something like this...maybe someday!!). Maybe pick your top 3 or something....whatever! I'm just curious to know what strikes other people's fancy.

So, here they are, in no particular order. The numbers are for reference only, and the titles are just names I've given them. Thanks in advance for any feedback, and feel free to invite your cyber-friends to stop by and have a look too!

(NOTE: Click on each one to enlarge them. It gives a much better effect, but if you got impatient, and the video is still playing, clicking here will reset the music...you've been warned!)

1 - Mandala

2 - Ghost Whisperer

3 - July Fireworks

4 - Space Eyes

5 - Jellyfish

6 - Exploding Apple

7 - X-Ray of a Fart

8 - Flagship

9 - Chocolate Cake

10 - Ceramics

PEACE seeds from various faiths around the world

#3 is my favorite! GROOVY!!
and #7 cracks me up - soooo reminds me of DADDY!!! LOL!

You are really good at this!!!!

And I like the song too, good to see you playin around with them!!

That song was moving, I needed that. Fractal 2 Ghost Whisperer is such a perfect name. I liked that one best of all. Something about it touched me. Neat.

Well done. My picks?

#1. Mandala
#2.July Fireworks
#3. Chocolate Cake

First off I'm here from Daddy's site. {waving} "HI"

I gotta say, I almost spewed my Dr. Pepper across my desk when I seen "X-Ray of a Fart". It's freaking funny!

Ok now on to my favs (besides the fart one)
1. Ghost Wisperer
2. July Fireworks
3. Jellyfish

Great work! I'll def. be back!!!

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I've been called creative, but never artistic, and fractals let me do a totally different thing and have a sense of accomplishment. That said, looking around at other sites, I realize I have a LONG way to go, and lots more to learn. I just got excited when my first efforts turned out like this.

My personal favorites here are
#1 Exploding Apple (maybe needs a better title)
#2 Chocolate Cake
#3 Ghost Whisperer

Funny, the fireworks one was down near the bottom of my list. Goes to show, different tastes!!

Again, thanks for the feedback, it's encouraging and helpful.



Xray of a fart! LOL! Great stuff Evy!

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Welcome to the "fractal party". Hope that DJB warned you that they are addictive :)

Ghost whisperer is a good one.

My next choice is chocolate cake, simply because I LOVE chocolate cake :)

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