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Fractal Critique - 104 Bummer!

"A person is unlucky who falls on his back and breaks his nose." - French proverb.

Here we are, on what is supposed to be the luckiest day of the year. I even made up a four-leaf clover fractal and posted it yesterday in honour of St. Patty, and what the heck! I spent a couple hours this morning putting together another blog entry going back to some stuff about my 'is' theory, and just as I went to post it, I got a message from Blogger saying it had lost the link and couldn't save it. Blogger ate my blog!!

So, for backup, I guess you'll just have to suffer through a few more of my fractals. A bit of a study in black and white first, and then a few coloured ones.

1 - Lace Tablecloth

2 - White Lace

3 - Wedding Angel

4 - Buttons

5 - Descent Into Hell

6 - The Scream

7 - Dr. Seuss' Tiger Cubs

8 - Teak

9 - Satin And Jewels

10 - Prairie Grass

11 - Oak Leaf

12 - Lightning Bug Dance Line

....and a link to Crawford PEACE house....there is always an alternative to war that works.

Satin and Jewels, and lightning bug dance. Fantastic!!

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