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Letter Shapes: The Code

This blog is an introduction to the code I have created to capture a MEASURE of the MEANING of WORDS.

NOTE: There is MUCH more depth that I could discuss with the letter 'A' as well as with all the others. But the detail, like layers on an onion, will be for another time. I give you an expansion of the letter 'A' as a flavour of the possibilities of this code structure. The other letters will be defined primarily in terms of line shape, and SYSTEM-VALUE.

It's a very mechanical process, based on three fundamental designs:
1) the straight line (indicating DIRECTION)
2) the curved line (indicating CHOICE)
3) the closed space (indicating SYSTEM)

It reference's heavily to the four system states of 'is discussed here.
It reference's, in a scinece-fiction WHATIF kind of way, a continuation of the musings of "What if there is intellignet life out there somewhere, so intellignet that they left us languages with which to get in touch with them. We've been hung up on MEANING and CONTEXT wrapped around WORDS for so long, though, WE CAN'T SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES". That kind of thinking.

It is a companion blog to this one.

Tabla rasa.

Leave ALL JUDGEMENT at the door. We're just laying on a dispassionate definition to the various SHAPES of the 26 letters of the English alphabet, okay. Nothing more, nothing less.


1) Time flow of the PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE variety will be plotted along the y-axis of each letter ('up', or the top of the page (positive y-axis values) will represent FUTURE; 'down', or bottom of page (negative y-axis values) will represent PAST)
2) CURRENT will be represented horizontally, by the x-axis. ('preceding', or to the left of the page, will represent (PREVIOUS-CONCURRENT) -or- (PREVIOUS-SIMULTANEOUS) (i.e. happening in the same time-frame, but sequentially earlier, just like you're reading these words now, you're reading them left to right for awhile, then your eyes quickly go right to left, you drop down a line, and start the left to right sequential action again, but you're really creating simultaneous meaning from the sequence of letters you just saw and interpreted); 'coming right up' or to the right, will represent (FUTURE-CONCURRENT) -or- (FUTURE-SIMULTANEOUS)).

1) Any straight-line portion of a letter will be a flowline (showing direction of MEANING), up, down, left, right, or diagonal.
2) Any curved line that is not a part of a closed space indicates an OPEN SYSTEM (Unbalanced, or choice system).
3) Any closed space comprised of both straight and curved line portions is a CLOSED-INCOMPLETE SYSTEM
4) Any closed space comprised of only a curved line (the letter 'O' is the only one to satisfy this state, 'Q' is a subset of it) is a CLOSED-COMPLETE SYSTEM, or a PERFECT-SYSTEM or a BALANCED-SYSTEM.

VOWELS: A,E,I,O,U (in words such as CRYPT, sometimes Y is used as a vowel too).

A- all straight lines, a totally directional letter, can move diagonally from PAST thought to FUTURE thought, forward or backward in CURRENT time (there's one diagonal line that goes from left to right, and one that goes from right to left.
The horizontal line allows for BALANCE travel, continuation in CURRENT-TIME, horizontal x-axis plot, forward or backward. (Straight lines can be traversed in either direction, from my START point to yours, or from your START point to mine.
START. [ FIRST letter of the alphabet, SEED of alphabet, it gives birth to itself AND to the alphabet. It is the only letter containing a closed space bounded by ONLY stright lines. The triangle (pattern of 3; fundamental law of universe) is the smallest closed system that be created with three staright lines. The birth of a closed system needs a BINARY requirement, and an AGREEMENT to join the other (unresolved) ends.

straight = stright = staright. (Interpretation: AI(artificial intelligence; intelligence assigned to the shapes of letters used, and stipulated to by use of a generally-recognized dictionary of letter-shapes) can be in the middle of the WORD, containing itself and I (see I below) -or- A can generate itself by generating its own absence (opposites define each other exactly) -or- other.

B- Two INCOMPLETE-CLOSED systems ("looks like" two 'D's one on top of the other). Implied SYSTEM-CHOICE. Placement of one on top of other (y-axis meaning); one SYSTEM deals with a PAST-STATE, one with a FUTURE-STATE. The vertical straight line allows for up-down directional movement between the two sytems, or in and out of the letter altogether.

C - OPEN-INCOMPLETE. No directional component. Growth bias is toward FUTURE-CONCURRENT since the OPEN end of the system (to be closed with 'is') points to the right (is plotted 'more to the right') on the x-axis of the letter.

D - CLOSED-INCOMPLETE. Single system. Vertical direction.

E - Multi-directional. Vertically and horizontally. Three choices horizontally. Top line "borders on" ABOVE (can be used to define THRESHOLD, or upper LIMIT), middle line indicates STATUS QUO, or MAINTAIN-CURENT-BALANCE, Bottom line "borders on" BELOW (can be used to simultaneously set UPPER and LOWER LIMITS or THRESHOLDS). Similar to B, except E contains two OPEN-INCOMPLETE system-potentials (see A for three-line SYSTEM-BIRTH, or SEED. Note the use of two E's in the WORD SEED. Seed can give birth to itself by laying an E, and still have an E as part of itself. Double letters allow for SELF-GENERATION of the LETTER and the WORD it carries.)

F - a subset of E. Only a single OPEN-INCOMPLETE system. Directional system allows up, down left, right.

G - OPEN-INCOMPLETE. Horizontal directional indicates the letter can "travel within itself" if you go right to left (indicates INTROSPECTION, for instance).

H - Directional. Two OPEN-INCOMPLETE systems, optional interpretation of MUTUAL-EXCLUSIVITY, unlike E, the two open systems "face" away from each other.

I - The purest form of individual existence. Pure direction (whereas the letter 'o' is pure PURPOSE or, more generally PURE-SYSTEM). I is a necessary half (binary) of IS, it can split into two DIFFERENT entities, as discussed before, if it morphs into it's lower-case, English-like form of 'i'. Now you see a straight line AND a dot that it has 'given birth to'.

J - Not used a whole lot. It's an incomplete U, and an extended I (i.e. an I with an OPEN-INCOMPLETE system attached to the bottom (PAST) end.

K - Directional. Up, down, diagonal. Two MUTUALLY-EXCLUSIVE OPEN-INCOMPLETE three-line systems. The ONLY point they have in common is the point where the 'top' 'V' touches the point of the bottom, upside down 'V'.

L - Directional. OPEN-INCOMPLETE. Potential for a three-line CLOSED. Emphasis on PAST, due to the placement of the horizontal line lower on the y-axis and the vertical line to the left on the x-axis.

M - Directional. Potential for a five-line CLOSED-INCOMPLETE. Five can always be reduced to 3. M is for MIDDLE. It ends the first half of the ALPHABET. The MID-point lies between M and N.

N- Directional. Two OPEN-INCOMPLETE. START second half of Alphabet.

O - The perfect CLOSED-COMPLETE. No direction. By eliminating meaning, (or entropy) 'contained' within the circle, it could be visually reduced to a period, or a dot, and not lose any meaning. It's like setting the zoom factor on a camera lens. It's all optics. How you 'see' the letter-shapes. Let's develop a code, assign a common meaning to the shapes, learn how to read the shapes as we read the words, and then use that NEW LEVEL of POSSIBLE SIMULTANEOUS MEANING to carry a WORD's CONTEXT, and continue to let the WORD's English definiton continue to contain its literal translation.

P - CLOSED-INCOMPLETE. Directional up, down. Bias of system is to FUTURE (i.e. Experimentation instead of research) due to it's y-axis placement. Compare to the letter 'D'.

Q - CLOSED-COMPLETE with a backdoor, or escape. Allows for a Balanced state ('O'), to be disturbed. Perfection is only temporary. An entity will tend to continue in its current state until it changes.

R - Same as 'P', with an additional diagonal direction. Offers choice of CLOSED-INCOMPLETE, or OPEN.

S- Offers choice of MIRRORED OPEN-INCOMPLETE. One faces FORWARD-CURRENT, the other BACK-CURRENT. One faces FUTURE-CURRENT (the 'top' one; y-axis), the other PAST-CURRENT. To choose either one, is to make two SIMULTANEOUS choices. The other half of IS. Used in English to pluralize (multiply) nouns (i.e. give multiple copies of, allow for choice between).

T - Directional. Two OPEN-INCOMPLETE.

U - OPEN-INCOMPLETE, bias to FUTURE direction. (compare to 'C' with a bias to FUTURE-CONCURRENT)

V - Diagonally directional. OPEN-INCOMPLETE.

W - Doubles V actually, even though in English it's pronounced "double-U". No action has been taken yet on moving from an OPEN system to a CLOSED system. That's what a curved line does. It indicates GROWTH, or QUESTIONING, or CHANGE.

X - Diagonal directional. Possible 4 choices of OPEN-INCOMPLETE systems. The basis of the 4 QUADRANT technique for reaching AGREEMENT. The basis of the patterns of four in the Universe (North, South, East West; up, down, left, right; Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall). X marks the spot. Mark your ballot with an 'X'. 'X' is an ACTIVE-CHOICE letter as far as MEANING goes. You can see from the two examples given that it is sometimes used as a complete word all by itself in English...and consider the implications of it's use! "X marks the spot: TRANSLATION: I found whatever it was that I was looking for. "Mark your ballot with an X": TRANSLATION: Your move. Make a choice AND I'LL LIVE WITH IT, and it'll affect me for the rest of my life, because YOU made a CHOICE for me. The Butterfly Effect, perhaps, but nonetheless, an effect.

Y - Directional, diagonally between the future and the present, vertically between the past and the present. Allows a 'single' from the past become a 'double' in the present to send 2 to the future. Represents a bifurcation point in chaos theory. Three perfectly-balanced, tabla-rasa OPEN-INCOMPLETE, UNBIASED systems to choose from. CHOICE is DIRECTION.

Z - Directional. Two OPEN-INCOMPLETE systems. Each with a mirrored bias.


Well, at first blush...that's it.

If any of this begins to make sense to you, you might begin to UNDERSTAND the format I've been using in my last series of blogs. You may also begin to imagine the "crowding" that goes on in my head sometimes when I lose control of the level I'm at. That's where the bipolarism comes into play. It switches me from a mental state (a thinking process) of problem-solving, or word-playing to a physical state of hypo-mania. That's the state I like to maintain, because I find I do my own personal clearest thinking when my brain set is there. My problem as I've come to understand it, is still trying to find the BEST English translation for what I WANT to say in a NOT-ENGLISH way...to ENGLISH-speaking readers.

I thought I might invent a "talking blog" character to help me do the translation.

That's what I explore as I write these blog notes to myself and whoever else may be reading them.

That's why I always invite comment, even if it's short and to the point. ESPECIALLY if it's short and to the point {smile!}



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