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Pee: The Four Quadrants, Tagged by Mackey

(Note to Mackey: you asked for twisted...you get twisted...well, the second half, anyway!)
[Note: the companion blog to this one will follow: Alien Communications:fact or fiction?{smile!}]

"P is FOUR..."

I've been tagged! A few days ago, Mackeydoodle was dishing out letters, and I got royal 'P' for it!

So, here I am, doing my PENANCE.
My list of ten important P's to me:

1) PEOPLE: both the real-life ones, and now my "online" friends. You've helped me in two ways: when I need people to understand what it's like to be bipolar; and to give feedback on this zany theory I'm creating. Thanks.

2) PLACES: I get attached to places---where I was born, where I went to school, where I've lived and worked. It's odd, because I think about it, they're all just other places like anywhere else, but I get attached anyway.

3) PLANS: I'm always making plans, it seems, and sometimes I feel that's all I'm doing, like I'm not actually getting anything done! I have to-do lists of my to-do lists, for crying out loud!

4) PURPOSE: Sometimes I feel like I know exactly where I'm headed, and other times like I'm just drifting in the cosmos. It's exhilarating when I think about it, frustrating when I don't.

5) PRIME: I go in bigtime for basics and fundamentals. My favorite courses when I was teaching were always the fundamental ones. It's like priming the pump, I guess, you gotta give a little, but you always get a lot back.

6) PERSEVERE: Sometimes I quit too easily when I don't "get" something right away; if I'm working on a problem, for instance, and can't figure it out, or if I've decided I want to buy something and I want it NOW! Know what I mean?!! Maybe I should have called this one PATIENCE. Lord, grant me patience sometimes!!

7) PROMISE: I think I expect too much of promises sometimes. I always thought they meant that a person would keep their word, and often that's the case, but not always, so how do you tell? Politicians don't seem to have helped understand the meaning of promise.

8) PARSIMONIOUS: I don't have a clue what this means, but it popped into my head and I'm running out of words! It has a nice, rhytmic sound to it, don't you think? (Besides, it gives me the chance to learn a new word ^-^).

9) PRESENT/PRESENCE: I've discovered that I like to be grounded in the present, to be focussed on what I'm doing, and not what I'm planning to do for instance (see #3 above!!). I get tired reminding myself, though, I wish it was instinctive or something!



Well, there you have it, but wait! There's more! It slices AND dices! Binary! Two, two lists for the price of one! (okay, so what am I babbling about? In this blog, I said I'd answer the list twice, once like you see, and once as if it was an assignment from Mackey to test out my zany theory I mentioned in #1.

1) I actually have given 16 "WORDs"; #10 contains 7 others (encapsulates them).
2) 16 can be divided into 4 groups of 4; 4 quadrants, each containing 4 'P' words.
3) The first 9 can be divided into 3 groups of 3 (the Universal PATTERN; almost encapsulated in #10 above; compare PATTERN:PATTERn)
4) In any group of 4, I will always rank-order them as either: FACT(Potentially)-PROBABLE-POSSIBLE-WHAT-IF(Preposterous!)
or both, or neither, IN THAT ORDER.
5) The default answer of any question that either of us asks will always be the tie-breaker answer "YES". Let's just STIPULATE to that. FACT.
6) "Word your answer in the form of a question" [from a popular TV game show called Jeopardy].
7) My ten words above, intentionally parallel Mackey's list of T's that she got tagged with (makes a connection, yes/no??!) as follows:
THOMAS:PEOPLE (her dad [specific]; my community [global])
TILSONBERG:PLACE (your/her birthplace was close to where I went to University at Waterloo---and we BOTH live in Edmonton now)
TALK:PLANS(out loud; in your head)
TWICE:PURPOSE(Sometimes this; sometimes that [see my #4 above - end of first quadrant]
[middle of first half of list]
TOLERANT:PRIME (my fundamental PREMISE 'is' TOLERANCE PERMITS BAT - Binary Agreement)["take the P out of PRIME, and you've got a rhyme, a four-line POEM:R-I-M-E;quadrant", I'll kick the pee out fo you!"][and leave you a matched, binary agreement 'e'].
(bonus question: compare "I'll kick the pee out of you" and "I'll kick the pee out fo(r) you". Use the mirroring concept of:fo and the reflection pee:ee in your answer.)
TICKLE:PERSEVERANCE (she doesn't like it; "laugh long and hardy mateys, for tomorrow ye may die!")
TRUTH:PROMISE(Philosophical as well as Practical relationship. How can you tell which is which?)
TEA:PARSIMONIOUS ('T';pee) [teepee]-T.P.
TEETH:Possible dream/thought interpretation (Mackey says she has nightmares that all her teeth fall out; 'is' deals with the hierarchy FACT-PROBAVBLE-POSSIBLE-WHATIF (note, in 'is', PROBAVABLE is the simultaneous occurence of PROBABLE and PRVABLE)
8) other: [end of Quadrant 2 --- middle of list of 16, 2 lists of eight each, each list containing two lists of four each, each list containing two concept-pairs, one of which is always 'is', the other isn't.
9) other: doesn't matter, other half of list of 16.
10) other: doesn't matter, second half of other half.
HINT: To UNDERSTAND the above, PICK either 1 through 8, or 9 and 10. (first quadrant, or secoond quadrant)[FACT of POSSIBLE]

For EVERY POSSIBLE PAIR of anything that you can find in this blog, (EVERYTHING:) no matter which one you pick, and which POSITION (POINT OF VIEW) you take on it, I will take the OPPOITE view, and my view will always be from the PERSPECTIVE of 'is', since that's how my "blog school for mastering the art of is" school works (see Rules and regulations manual again if you need info on the school's PREMISE).

Note: there are no unintentional(4) errors(3) in this blog.

(BTW, I've been meaning to say for some time now; I see that you frequently end your blog entries with PEACE too, Mackey. I think that's kinda cool!
So, Peace back at ya!

P.S. [P.Period.S.Dot] ["sounds like"...PEACE]{SIMILE is to PROBABLE as FACT:POSSIBLE}

(future blogs, not yet written, or not yet linked):
(NOTE: There are 16 entries in this list, and they map onto the 4 quadrants exactly. I started at the middle one today --- the 4 Quadrants of truth, and worked out both ways from there]
(NOTE: This list is in no particular order: certainly NOT-sequential)
(if any are of interest to you, just ask!)

(there are 4 notes in the above list)

The 10 values of pee [done]
Al's glue-sniffing example:crossing the THRESHOLD of FACT (see P.S.)
Index to May's blogs [partially done]
Index to JUne's blogs
In Response Part 2 - Soulless, continuing the conversation [done here;end of first quadrant]
In Response Part 3 - Dave [done yesterday]
In Response Part 4 - Gary [not done]
The 4 quadrants of Truth [here:START]
The Story of 10 o'clock: alien communications!
The final exam; graded perfecty
Chart of 'is' Possibilities Within BAT
String Bead Analogy
Global Bill of Rights
Rona Ambrose:Minister of the Environment
Letter Shapes and 'is' Systems
The Koch Curve and Pi (The Universal Pattern of 3)
Examples of Practical Applications of 'is' Theory
(this one is an example)

(NOTE: the second half of [MY:] will always be WHATIF, my PURPOSE with 'is' is to bridge YOUR-WHAT-IF to my WHATIF so we UNDERSTAND each other EXACTLY.

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