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A new TAG - Try it, You'll Like It!

(NOTE: This is a companion blog to this one about sex 'n' stuff).

Since I've been blogging, I've been tagged a few times, the most recent one by Mackey with a letter of the alphabet.

As I cruise around the net and other blogs, I see different tags people give each other. I feel brave enough that I've been here long enough that I'm no longer a 'blog rookie', so I can start to dish it out, too!

Here's a cool one I saw the other day. Try it out, it's kinda freaky.

1) Pick any blog that you've written recently.
2) Pick any number.
3) Count backwards (the number you picked) from the blog you picked to another blog you wrote. (For instance, if you picked the one you wrote yesterday, and the number 5, you'd count back to the blog you wrote 5 blogs before yesterday's).
4) Do it one more time, using the same number but counting back from the second blog.

You will find that the middle blog always contains a direct link between the most recent one and the earliest one, no matter which blog you start with, and no matter which number you pick. It's like our thoughts have half-lifes, or something! Here's the freaky part: the link will be directly related to something that's been on your mind lately big-time!!

(They suggested that the linkage you make could be used to solve what's been bugging you, but I think that's perhaps pushing it too far...unless you really believe in horoscopes and aliens, or something!)

(NOTE to self!!: I really gotta stop thinking about this little alien I've created who's now a talking blog. Last night when I was watching the news, I created one in my TV (not a big jump...computer screen, TV screen), and of course, if they're at that level of intelligence they clearly can communicate with each other..I mean look at the consistent messages I get ... English on TV, English on the computer...what are the odds of that happening eh?
Sheesh! I must be smoking, or something!)

So, here's who I'm tagging.

Mackey (just to get even {smile})
Soulless (but I'm guessing you're too busy now)
Al (I'm curious, is why!)
KSHIPPYCHIC (just 'cause you visit and say nice things!)
Olivia (just 'cause)

..oh hell, everyone, just 'cause I want to be fair!!

I'd be curious to know if it works for you like it did for me.


"They suggested that the linkage you make could be used to solve what's been bugging you, but I think that's perhaps pushing it too far . . . unless you really believe in horoscopes and aliens, or [psychoanalysis]!)

Geez, Gary, maybe you're onto something there! I'm willing to STIPULATE to it, and give it a try. I think I'll try it and specifically look for a "psycho-analytical" link to help me solve what's been bugging me.
(The end result, if you thik about it, is it gets you thinking about "what's been buggging you" in terms of solutions, instead of in terms of problems. First baby step has been taken. Movement has begun. Inertia has been overcome. Area of unknown (NOISE/THRESHOLD) is being tackled. Gently, probably, if it's a psychoanalytical problem.

I mean, why not? If it works. Any port in a storm, they say.

The difference is where you START.

You can start with the PREMISE "it's stupid, flakey, and won't work", or you can START with the 'is' PREMISE (which consistently has a YES default) and assume it will work (i.e. starts out being a FACT), then work backwards from there TO FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT WORK (to PROVE it 'is' a FACT).

Physician heal thyself, and biofeedback come instantly to my mind when I don't think of it as being so "far-fetched out-there alien" kind of thinking.

(Damn, there's the little alien guy again!)

Food for thought, anyway.

On re-reading my response, I see that the first part could be read as being very sarcastic.

I didn't mean it that way at all!

I meant it as seeing it as a possibility for putting my mouth in action and see if my theory works in reality time!

Sorry if I left you with the wrong impression.


I really suck at math and all the numbers stuff... The instructions confused me - can you do it for me and tell me whats been bugging me lately??

KSHIPPYCHIC. I'll try. Give me any number and a recent date. We'll see what turns up.

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