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Politically Incorrect---but funny!

Sorry, but I couldn't resist posting these. They are, in every respect, offensive and grossly politically incorrect, but what the heck. Sue me!


LOL! Good stuff Rick:) Heck, you can be politically incorrect around us;)

I try to be as politically incorrect as possible!! These are good uns.

What's politically incorrect about a Vietnamese noodle bar? I don't get it.

Gary - Ph is pronounced F !

No kidding! How phucking stupid do you think I am, Al?

....and isn't this a good example of how ambiguous our language can be! Like Al, I interpreted your first remark, Gary, to be a sincere "I don't get it", rather than a shot at sarcasm or whatever. Your sarcasm in your second response, however, can't be missed...perhaps a bit of overkill given the circumstances?

Too funny! That was great!

The shadow with the leaf was the best.

Did I offend with my sarcasm? Feel free to be sarcastic with me. I follow the golden rule.

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