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Introduced by "The Conversation":

TB: "Did you watch anything good on TV last night?"
ED: "Yeah. I saw the last episode of Will and Grace, and the hour-long 'behind the scenes of the last episode' show that they aired first. Then I stayed up late and watched 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart. He can be so totally 'is' at times it's incredible. Last night he had Willie Nelson as a guest, plugging his book 'The Tao of Willie'. Good stuff. Why do you ask?"
TB: "Just curious what's showing, is all. Tell me about Willie, okay?"
ED: "Sure thing."


Last night, I was watching "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, and he had Willie Nelson on as a guest. Now, everyone loves Willie Nelson. In fact, that's how Stewart started the interview. He asked Willie what it was about him that cut across so many barriers and allowed him to be "just Willie" to such a variety of people.

Partly, he was plugging his book, titled "The Tao of Willie". The first thing the two discussed was the pronunciation of the word 'TAO', which Stewart had read as TOW (as in 'towel') and Willie corrected him saying it was dow, and he himself at first pronounced it 'too'.

My point is, pronunciation (i.e. translation into 'sound' code) only matters when you're 'speaking' to each other.

I was watching it as three geometric shapes: T, A and O as they were talking about it.

At one point, Stewart asked Willie if he thought about "those kinds of things" (i.e. his philosophy of life) when he was on the road, and what main advice he'd give.

He answered, "Keep breathing is a good place to start!".
Then he added, leaning forward and pointing to his book lying on the table, "If you do that, you've got the first two-thirds of TAO, you've got the AT of TAO!"

3 is the Universal pattern of 'is'.


Partial letter-shape analysis of TAO:

Take away TA from TAO, and you've got 'O'

If Willie takes away the first TA, he's left with 'O', the PERFECT, balanced, CLOSED-SYSTEM; the goal of a lot of meditative belief systems and religions.

TA, the part he 'took away', consists of pure directional letters with a single, first-level complete system present in the letter 'A'; very active, unsettled letters, no goal except either status quo, or unknown.

Breathing, and focussed breathing, is an element of some meditations.

TA continues the search, O has reached goal or plateau.

contains words English-like:

AT-O: indicates "at balance point in perfect closed system"
AT indicates location. In a closed system, location is at CURRENT state. In a perfect, complete closed system, since there is no direction component, there is pure movement, either inwards towards reducing circle to a point (self direction) or there is chaos around the edges (indicating directionless eternal movement (outer direction), or there is the whole (balance).
O-AT: Start with a perfect, closed, balanced system and remove CURRENT, and you get tabla rasa.
Tabla rasa is a perfect state that is missing the concept of a perfect state. (represented symbolically with a period '.')
OAT: letter symbols used to describe essential element in making of bread, an essential food supplement, and food for the soul. Christ fed the masses with 12 loaves. Bread, the satff of life, the stuff of life, the staff of life. It satisfies life.

FOCUS on a POINT for {meditation, concentration, resolution...}

Cast (in order of appearance):

TB: Talking Blog, usually employed as personal communications translator and transporter for Evydense.
ED: Evydense, usually employed as a nom-de-plume for an internet user from Edmonton.

ED: EDmonton
MON: French for 'my' (backwards part of NOM-de-plume; French word meaning SUBSTITUTE CHARACTER); 'de' short for GERMAN; language is inter-related through shape AND overlapping (threshold) meaning.
TON: mirror of NOT; binary state
bipolar is a binary state WORD

"Connections are personal fact and assumed what-ifs." - me

Tonight, appearing in a one-act conversation, for your entertainment!



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