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Midnight For Cinderella

Hopefully, we sneak up and bite them. But we haven't done anything yet. We haven't earned that spotlight like everybody else. ... We are the Cinderella of the playoffs. It's a great feeling when they don't pick you and all of a sudden you make it.” - Ozzie Guillen

First up, no strings attached, let me offer an unconditional and sincere congratulations to the Hurricane. They deserved the win last night. They outplayed us. Great game. Better series. Outstanding season.

Now, that said.....

There is clear and irrefutable evidence this morning that the earth has been shifted off its axis. What the percent sign, ampersand, dollar sign (swearing in longhand)!!! Where in the world is bleeping "Karolina"?!! It's not blooming fair (lying on stomach on floor kicking legs and waving arms uncontrollably while throwing gigantic juvenile tantrum). Hockey is OUR game, dammit.

(To all my new American friends....well, at least I thought you were friends):

What you haven't apparently been able to wrap your pretty little heads around is the simple fact that when you steal our national game, you steal our national pride and totally emasculate us as a country. You tap into our inferiority complex, our Achilles heel, our niceness. You shatter our identity. You leave us reeling. And you're probably laughing your asses off this morning (I know, I would if the glass slipper were on the other foot...no wait, I can't say that!) And then you have the audacity to wonder why the world puts the big yankee-hate on you, and fears your domination of the globe?

But it doesn't stop there. Oh no. There was a time when we were, reluctantly I'm sure, accepted as part of your baseball world...perhaps a concession to our niceness for letting you into our sport in the first place. (Remember in the early 90's when we kicked your collective national ass and stole your glorified World Series championship from you in the early 90's...tee-hee. That must have really hurt, eh?). So how did you react to that? Like a good sport? Oh no. You destroyed the delicate French-English balance that we have worked for decades at establishing up here by causing the demise of our Montreal team. Now le maudit anglais [translation: the bleep English] are the only ones with a team. Do you have any idea of the political ramifications that has up here. Totally insensitive. Shame!

My sense of pettiness would be tempted to point out that it took a sensational 22-year-old CANADIAN goalie (who happens to hail from one of Edmonton's bedroom communities actually) to get the win for Carolina, so you can hardly claim it as an American victory. I'd say that out loud, but I'm neither a petty person nor a sore loser, so I won't include the thought here.

But you know, I was thinking last night as I was watching the game...

...wouldn't it be great if THAT was how we "settled" differences around the globe? Wouldn't it be great if we could just evolve as a species to the point where we never allowed our differences to spill past the sports field? I'd willingly pay premier athletes millions if it served to satisfy that need.
Juxtaposed with the horrific news of the slaughter of those two soldiers in Iraq this morning gives it all a real and pathetically tragic perspective, doesn't it? My sympathies especially to the families affected.

To dream.....ah, to dream.

Congrats again, Carolina. As we always say in this situation, "It was a super run but just wait till next year!"


Hey, if a Canadian goalie helped get the win, then it's okay to be PROUD of that! Baseball is like that, too -- there are so many players from other countries. A favorite of a lot of Yankee fans is Hideki Matsui -- he has a HUGE following in Japan. And when Matsui hits a home run or makes a great play, they're proud of that -- not because he's playing for an American team, but because he's Hideki Matsui. So I think it's perfectly acceptable (and not petty at all) for you to point out the contributions of the Canadian goalie.

Sorry they lost -- I really was rooting for them! :)

Hopefully no one tried to act all arrogant and kept the win respectful.

There's no need to fear America my friends. We are a peaceful nation of winners! Haha! Oops... let that one slip. Sorry.

Lisa: you sound almost serious!! It's really okay, honest. I didn't take anything personally! You're so kind to be worried.

Redneck: This is why I luv ya so much. You get it, and spout it! Good on ya! (but still....wait till next year for an ultra revenge whoop-ass).

I've probably just gotten so used to feeling guilty about being a Yankee fan -- I know too many people who give me a hard time EVERY time the Yankees lose a big game (so then I start thinking maybe it's wrong of me to like them so much!). I'd just never want anyone to feel guilty for loving their team. :)

I obviously have too much pent-up New York Yankees defensiveness... :)

By the way, I keep forgetting to tell you that I love the quotes you use at the top of all your posts -- some of them are very interesting and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing them. :)

The Yankees, huh? Oh you leave yourself wide open for a cheap shot {smile!}. You're lucky though. I happen to be a big Jeter fan too, although of course my team of choice is the Blue Jays. I used to watch every single game of the season on TV until the strike. I don't think I've watched a game since then. Same with the hockey. I didn't watch a game all season this year until we made it into the palyoffs. Shallow, I know, but I get my knickers in a knot when multi-millionaire 22-year-olds feel hard done by somehow. It just took the magic of sport out of it all...like the Olympics now, which have turned into a giant international commercial. I guess I'm a simpleton at heart.

I'm glad you enjoy the quotes. I have fun picking them out for each entry.

Damn. The politicians couldn't do it. Paris Hilton couldn't do it. Not even bad movie remakes could make me ashamed of my country, but in one fell swoop you have shamed me for ever hearing the word Carolina. I feel as though I have been reprimanded after getting caught cheating on a school quiz. I beg forgiveness! You can have baseball back! The Braves suck this season anyways...

It's nice to know I can lay on a good guilt trip when necessary! {smile} Usually, I'm on the receiving end of them! You are officially forgiven. (Braves? Braves? What means this word, 'Braves'? heh-heee.

As a former Canadian lover (literally, i was fucking a canuck for 5 years!), I can give advice about hockey. I think you need to adjust to the hockey, ahem, defeat, and realize that Americans, ahem, need to have it all. :) Oh hell, who am i kidding, it was a damn fluke we won and we all know it!

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