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Picture story, Part 2

Our National Animal - The Beaver

Our National Tree - The Sugar maple

Artificial Waterfall - Edmonton

(The waterfall is "turned on" twice a year, once for Canada Day, and once for one of our summer festivals that has silly boats and rafts racing in the river. It shoots out from a two-level railway bridge---cars use the lower level).

Our Official National Summer Sport - Lacrosse

National Religion

Most Popular Sect

Our National Traffic Laws

I think I'll probably take the weekend off from blogging. See y'all on Tuesday, and we can share birthday cake all over again! This time you bring the candles, I'll bring the beer.

Happy holiday everyone.


I think you hit all of those right on the head. Have a great week-end.

I like the waterfall picture -- that's a very unique bridge! And I like the lacrosse picture with the Rutgers player -- my brother went to Rutgers (didn't play lacrosse, though...). :)

DJB: Thanks, you too.

Lisa: We used to be able to walk under the spray and drive the bridge while it was on, but now they close the bridge when the waterfall is running. I don't know why. I thought it would be a neat touch to show the Rutgers picture as 'our' sport!!

Did you know that it started with native Americans, and sometimes their games would last for days I believe cricket is like that too, isn't it?).

It's actually gaining some popularity, and there are on-again off-again attempts to establish a professional league. I used to watch the pro's (they played in the Forum) when I was in Montreal, and what an incredibe game it is to watch!!

What a cute beaver! When we go camping, there is a beaver dam that we usually walk to. You can see all the hard work they've done with their teeth. It's amazing.
That is 1 of the coolest waterfalls I've ever seen. It surprises me that it's only used 2 times a year though.
I hope you have a lovely weekend & thank you for visiting my blog. :)

Happy Holiday Rick! Hope yer having a fun one!

That waterfall is awesome! SOmeday I shall come see it in person!

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