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Can I ask a Favour Please


A friend of mine lives in the area that is being devastated by the fires in California in the Morongo Valley. He's the one who took those pictures of me I posted last week when I was down visiting last summer....the ones with the neat dog!

I just heard on the news that the entire area is being evacuated under a mandatory evacuation order and a state of emergency has just been declared, as the fire is spreading at over 400 acres an hour, and they're concerned that several fires might join together.

If you don't mind, in your own way could you just give him a little prayer or thought tonight.

I'll keep you updated as soon as I hear anything from him.





I received an e-mail and some pictures from him last evening. He was evacuated, but returned yesterday. His house is still in an evacuation area. The full e-mail describing his adventure is here on my "Politically Incorrect" blog, along with a contrast to the latest posting on Baghdad Burning.


I hope your friend is okay... he's in my prayers.


How scary and upsetting that must be. I'll keep your friend (and all the people in Morongo Valley) in my prayers.

and Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I knew the pics had to come from somewhere near here, that you had put up. As the crow flies that is about 45 miles NW from me. We can see the flames with binoculars at night. I will be hoping for the best for your friend. Even though the fire has passed, things always change after something like that.
BTW, thanks for stopping in and commenting.

Thanks folks. Gordon, I didn't realize you lived that close. Redneck lives in Calif. too, doesn't he? Are they close by too?

BTW, that should be, NorthEast of me not NW. I think Redneck, is in CA, but I don't know where.

In my thoughts.... I hope things get taken care of very very quickly and that he can return home soon!

I'll keep him in my prayers

Glad to know your friend is safe and I so hope his home has/will survive this devastation... sending my prayers.

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