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Cleaning Out the Junk Drawer

"If a person with a bullet in Dallas can change the world, imagine what a person with an idea could do." - J. Michael Straczynski


My political rant for the day is here on my other blog.


Things I've wondered about recently:

1) Why do some motorcyclists get all decked out in their heavy protective leather jacket, snazzy helmet, cool gloves and then wear shorts??? WTF?

2) Why does the raisin bread I get from Safeway NEVER go mouldy, no matter how long I let it sit on the counter?

3) Why don't you see cars with flat tires anymore?

4) What's so attractive about a well-manicured lawn? Wouldn't a field of wildflowers in front of your house look nicer?

5) When will the world just run out of money?

Strange things my cat does:

1) She pees and poops in separate litter trays.
2) She comes and gets me 2 or 3 times a day, starts a particualr meow, and leads me to the upstairs bathroom. She jumps up on the ledge in front of the sink, and waits for me to thoroughly soak her down.
3) She drinks hot water from the bathtub.
4) She won't drink milk, only water.
5) Whenever I come home, she greets me at the door, flops down on her side with her legs braced against the hall cupboard door, and waits for me to give her a back massage.
6) She'll flop down on her back when I say "belly up".

Some more sites that I've had sitting on my 'favorites' list to get around to someday. (Some of these may have been 'borrowed' from one or two of you, so please forgive if you've seen 'em before!)

1) The ten most harmful books of the 19th and 20th centuries. Here.

2) CKUA Radio Station (a local publically-funded station that is a bigtime sponsor of the folk festival each year. Plays really eclectic music...you don't get the revolving playlist on this one!). Here.

3) Creating Reality. A dissertation on reality. Some interesting (and provocative!) thoughts here. Contains links to related sites such as extraterrestial life, holograms, and a hierarchy of values. Here.

4) Bipolar Planet Webring hub site. Contains links to dozens of individual blogs relating to bipolarism. Here.

5) BADMAGS. A site that uncovers and documents "naughty" magazines as part of the literary culture of America. It covers such areas as the bizarre, sexploitation, outlaw bikers, the violent world, punks and others. Here.

6) BigShinyThing. A collection of very strange and diverse references to ideas, art, thoughts and other web pages. For instance, there is an entry called "The Joy of Plunderphonics" described as follows: "Eric Bunger is an artist who specialises in plunderphonics - repurposing, remixing and generally fucking around with pop music. One of his projects, Let Them Sing It For You, allows the user to type a word or phrase and then have it sung back via clips from pop music." (Actually, it's kinda cool. Try it! - Rick) Here.


Neat little games I've come across on the net.

Border Patrol (this one's rather brutal, but you get to shoot gringos trying to sneak across the border illegally).

Click Drag Type 2. There are no instructions, but you click, drag and type in order to solve the (tough) puzzles. There are other games listed in the side panel that can be played too.

Dragongamez. A whole collection of little games, divided into categories of Action, Sports, Shooting, Logic, Skill, Card & Casino, with new games added fairly regularly.

Stickscene. This one's kinda cool. It'll present you with a stick person drawing, and you type the name of the movie it represents. There are several hundred puzzles, some of them are clever, some are tough. There are clues if needed, but it doesn't give you the right answer unless you get it right. The cool thing is that anyone can submit their own drawings and movies to be added to the data base.

The latest online quizzes I've done.

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few


"Why does the raisin bread I get from Safeway NEVER go mouldy, no matter how long I let it sit on the counter?"

The same is true of fruitcake. It must be the raisins.

Evydense, we are the gringo's. A Gringo is from north of the border. Don't want to shoot my self. :P

Gary: You may be onto something there. So what's the Raisin Bran doing to my stomach, I wonder.

TC: oopsey! My bad!

A friend of mine actually had a flat tire this morning!

One of my cats does the same thing yours does (#5). Every morning when I get up, she runs into the bathroom, plops down with her legs against the cabinets and waits for me to rub her back. Cats are cool!

LM: Maybe that flat tire thing proves I'm psychic or something. Yeah, cats are cool! I forgot to mention that I haven't even bothered to set my alarm clock for five or six years now because, without fail, my sweetie jumps on my bed and walks back and forth across my stomach until I wake up. And it's ALWAYS within 5 minutes plus or minus of 7AM. She hasn't failed me even once. She even adjusts for daylight savings time twice a year. Honest! I think she can read digital clocks.


I love blogcake- thanks for the slice!

I think wild flowers would be a far more beautiful lawn! and I've too have wondered about motorcyclists and short- what is fuck is going though their minds?

And are sure you own a cat? Sounds like rather dog like behaviour to me! haha

luv ya!

Your cat allows you to soak her with water???

Dink: Thanks, you're welcome and aw shucks!! I'll go and check out the update.

Professor: Hope it tasted good! So you do classify dandelions and thistles as wildflowers? That's my front lawn! About the cat....did I mention that she waits for me, always on the top step, to go downstairs for breakfast, and when I give her a bit of canned food as a treat in the morning, she sits up on her haunches and waits for me to put the dish down.

Creepy: Thanks for coming by! Not only does she allow, she insists on it and comes and gets me when she wants it. She's very persistent too!

Interesting -- never heard of a cat that likes water. Next your gonna tell us she DOESN'T always land on her feet!

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