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Seeking Advice or Opinion (at this point it doesn't matter!)

Me again, and I'm in "destroy computer mode".

Four things I would appreciate comment or feedback on, if you have the time and inclination.

First: I reported before Christmas that my entire home page had "reconfigured itself" by adding several tool bars at the top, and introducing a new layout (it's still www.google.ca). Some of the new icons are for such things as "your bookmarks", "bookmark this", "yahoo music juke box", "Highlight", "Answers", "Games", "Music", "Personals", "Sign in", and "Tools", which has a sub menu containing such things as "Phishing Filter", "Manage Add-ons", and "Sun Java Console".

Now, I'm guessing this is the yahoo toolbar that I did something unknown to cause it to appear. I have no idea if I want to get rid of it, and if so, how. I notice that Blogger now has a new version too, and requires my YAHOO signon to get on board. (I set up a yahoo account eons ago, but have never really used it for anything).

Second: I did a "GoBack" with Norton antivirus, hoping that might find the "missing" blogs. It didn't, but what it did do is list literally dozens of entries exactly as follows:


Can I delete all those entries? Is there any advantage to doing so?

Third: Even more than cookie entries, I probably have close to 100 entries as follows:


Can, and should, these be deleted to give me a fresh start?
Should I just reload Windows from the original disks and start all over again?

Fourth: There are a couple entries:

INSTALL DRIVECLEANER START [1].cab, again under my temporary internet files. Yesterday when I was trying to "find" the missing blogs, I kept getting this popup screen telling me to try out diskcleaner because I was under severe virus attack. My reaction was "poor sales technique, fella".

So, If you have any advice, knowledge, suggestions, good wishes....whatever, they wil be gladly received.

In the meantime, I'm going to poke around and see what I can find. I remember having problems similar to this just after I bought this hunk of crap, and had to do a lot of messing around as supervisor before I got it all straightened out. Maybe I'll go there again and see what I can find!


Welcome back, Evy! Glad to hear you had such a good visit with your family!

I don't have much computer advice for you, but I do know you can delete cookies and temporary internet files. I don't know if it'll actually HELP, but it won't hurt anything. I hope you can figure it all out (or just buy a new computer! :)).

Ok Rick!! I am glad to see you home safely, and with having had a good time!

Now for the computer.... first get online long enough to order a Dell computer, then take this one outside, set it firmly on the sidewalk, and use your snow shoveler to bash it into about 12 or 57 pieces!! Yup, that's what I would do!

Or completely delete everything on there, reinstall your OS, and start all over again. Which is not as easy as it sounds. Maybe you could email Shane??

Anywhooo, much love to you, Beck

If you have Windows XP the first thing I would do is a System Restore.

Happy New Year to you, Evy!!!

Sorry to hear of your computer issues. That really sucks. Wish I could offer help, but I'm not as savvy with that kind of stuff. I think Mackey's idea is a good one, tho. At least a good place to start, just make sure you back up anything on disc that you don't want to lose.

Don't know what to tell you about the computer, but do want to wish you a Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Rick!
Becky is coming in May!!!!
We MUST get together....don't worry...I will keep her sedated.:P

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