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A Different Kind Of Art

To deny sex is to deny life. To reject art is to impoverish yourself, rejecting pleasure and growth. To accept sex and art together is to add to oneself, to be positive instead of negative. Erotic cinema . . . reveals us to ourselves with increasing artistry.” - William Rotsler


UPDATE: Another e-mail from my friend in California:

I just read your post about the fire on your blog, thanks for including
me and thanks to your blog friends for their well wishes.

A quick update, all is safe here now at Casa Manana! It is still kind
of smoky outside, but the through the wall air conditioner I installed
last winter, has been a real help. As opposed to the swamp cooler, it
has kept the smoke out and the house cool. Uses more electricity but
well worth it right now as the humidity level is going up.

The fires are still burning well to the west and northwest Morongo
Valley. It is in wilderness areas but getting into the forest line
where there are a lot of dead trees from the bark beetle infestation.
They have had some time to get a 2 mile long fire break in place plus
men and equipment. And the winds just have not been as strong as early
on, so everyone is hopeful that the fire will not move up to Big Bear.

....and, dear blog-readers forgive me, but this message is for him. I've been trying to send you e-mails for the past week, and they always bounce back as undeliverable with the following message attached:

Your message is being returned; it has been enqueued and undeliverable for
133 days to the following recipients:

Yup! It's always 133 days...and it's always returned within 24 hours. Go figger! But I HAVE been trying!

Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast...


Well, this ain't going to be any kind of post that you might be expecting from me! I was poking around some art sites yesterday and, through some sequence of links that I could never repeat again in a thousand years, came across a link for the Association of Erotic Artists. The fellow that did these ones I've included, Julian Murphy, has a rather unique style and approach I thought. (The third one is for Red. He doesn't read my blog, but it's for him anyway!) They seem 'different' enough from the normal art stuff you see, I figured I'd share them! There are links to all sorts of artist pages: photographers, artists, writers, sculptors, film makers, jewellry, publishers, body painters, models, events organizers and 'other'. Don't you always wonder how anyone ends up in the 'other' category? It's like having burnt leftovers at breakfast.

Does anyone care to put appropriate titles on any of them?!! Give it your best shot.


So glad to know your friend is okay!

These are some really cool images! What an imagination to create these! Mine's not this good, so I settle for composing what I already have thru the cam! LOL!

Titles? Second image... 4th Stage of Hell!


Awesome pics!

fire fighters are making good progress against the Big Bear Lake fires and we citizens are getting in a lick as well. see video of us clearimg space around my friends house, on my blog.

Terrific pictures! These are right up my alley...I love art and I love kinky.

I found the second picture most intriguing.
Here's what I make of it:

The male is made of "wood", a common reference to the erect male penis. The female is a "wood clamp", which alludes to the enveloping grip of the female vagina.

As a whole, it conveys the basic act of procreation. The condom at the bottom right is left untouched, and fluid is entering the "wood clamp", aka female.

It shows sex as a bare basics act, which has been represented here with workshop materials.

Sorry to wax on, but I really enjoy art interpretation!

Mel: Thanks for that. I like your title!
Dink: Both my friend and I thank you. I guess there are still areas that are being threatened though. See the link to "David" in the comments, and watch the video. Scary and neat at the same time!

Kari: Thanks for coming by! I wish I could take credit for the pics.

David: Thanks to you too for coming by. I hope you're ok, and they're able to keep it contained and away from the residences. When I'm down visiting, I'm always taken by all the little animals and bird scurrying through the desert vegetation. I suspect this-ll disrupt their environment for years to come.

Super Freak: Wow! Thanks for that! It's intriguing to hear someone else's interpretation on something like that. I tend to be one of those people who are of the "I know what I like but I don't know why" kind of people. You've given me incentive to look at art differently now!

Now those are some strange, but compelling pics. Very different. Glad you put them up.

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