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A Miscellaneous Mind Dump - Is It Just Me?

As we were looking through our collection for scary stuff, the embalming table really stood out to the staff. I think it makes us all consider our own mortality.” - Murl Riedel

Today, just a random sampling of stuff in my mental attic.

I saw the doctor yesterday, and he increased my medication. He bumped me from 45 mg of Benzedrine a day to 75. This is in addition to all the others I'm still taking. I'm starting to feel like a pill junkie, and I don't like it.

I have about 8 huge ant hills in my lawn, and don't know how to get rid of them for good. Same goes with thistles. Those bastards are impossible to kill off.

My thumb is so brown I once had plastic flowers wilt on me.

Do you know the "entire body" sensation you get when you go on a roller coaster? The feeling that oozes into every pore. You don't sit there and think," Hmmm...I'm going to let my head and left hand feel good and enjoy this, and the rest if it will leave me scarred and scared for life" do you? No, you go with it and then you forget it. So why don't people do that with sex? Just go for it. The entire body experience. Then forget about it. Wouldn't life be so much easier. It would spare all the messy drama, wouldn't it?

Watch a certain blog near you. It's a coming attraction you don't want to miss. The great debates!!

You know what I think I've discovered? I think that there is an accent to writing as well as to voice. When I write, for instance, Im basically taking dictation from myself. These words are running through my head with inflection, emphasis, pause, tone, subtle pitch variation, all the changes and signals that accompany spoken communication.....but you don't get to 'hear' any of that! That's why we all have favorite authors, or preferred books. That's why there is a popular concensus that folks like "Lightning Bug's Butt (???)", "The Professor (???)", "Journal of Random Tangents (Lisa)" and "Redneck Nerdboy (Jas)" among others have reputations for being outstanding writers. They know the WORDS to use to get across the meaning without the 'accent'. I don't so much! When I read back some of the stuff I've written days later, I often say 'WTF'? Gotta work on that.

What's so wrong with hugging a tree anyway?

What's the differences between MySpace, Technorati, Blogger, Yahoo Groups, Typepad, LiveJournal, Word Press, MSN, AOL, AIM, YouTube and prolly a bunch of others?

If a 'bad' virus can spread around the globe on the internet within a day, why can't a 'good' one too?

What if there was a system that allowed everyone to self-censor and leave everyone else alone?

How do people arrive at their belief system? Is it genetic? Inherited? Passed on in a will? "I believe this and such because my parent's told me to." That's ok when you're a kid, but doesn't there come a time when you can (and should) safely challenge and question your beliefs? They may work for others but not for you. That's what's behind all the tension, turmoil and misunderstandings. We believe in things that we haven't thought about. Blind faith is the most ignorant form of knowledge there is. And the most dangerous.

"If there is a god, atheism must seem less of an insult to him than religion." - Edmond de Goncourt

I think I'm going to look at what's involved in doing podcasts. Not that I have anything to say!!

I think I've decided (there's conviction for you!) that I'm going to sell my van and buy a small compact car. I had the van when I had the business, and don't need it anymore. I hope I can get a decent resale price. It's a 1999 Honda Odyssey. Any offers?!!!

When people say they "forgive and forget", how do they do that? I find it so hard to do both. Is that just me?

Here is a link to thousands of online books for free. Will people's eyes start to mutate to being square, the more we stare at monitors? Will our heads start shrinking to accomodate cell phones, blackberries and all those teensey tiny tv pics that people get on their cell phones now?

Why do people pay 60 or 70 bucks to get the best seats at a rock concert, and then watch the whole damn thing through the lens of a video camera (or cell phone)?

What if we all just used as much as we needed, and gave the rest away?

I've been reading up on String Theory lately. Fascinating stuff. It basically says everything is composed of energy. And all through my life, I've thought there was a significant difference between something like a desk and hydrogen. Nope. Apparently not (well...actually yes, inasmuchas the shapes and vibrations of the tiny energy rings are different). The atomic structure, yeah sure, but that's old hat. Is this stuff being taught in the schools yet? Is chaos theory? We were introduced to photons, I think it was, when I was in school (physics was not my favorite!). They had just arrived on the scene.

Trigonometry, Permutations and Combinatorial Math, Algebra. Ah bliss! Those were the reasons for getting up in the morning when I was in high school. Naw! I wasn't a weird kid at all. I kept it hidden.

I've never run away from a fist fight in my life. I've never been in a fist fight in my life. I'd probably run away from a fist fight if I was confronted.

The longest I've gone completely without sleep is four days.

What happens when we run out of room? Will that come before or after we run out of food?

Why are some people 'samplers', trying a little bit of everything, and others are 'focussers', dedicated beyond passion? How could a person dedicate their entire life to studying the toe separation of elongated bullfrogs living on sub-Sahara, equatorial, Boreal forest floors.

Why does the brain make really strange connections sometimes? Is it just me?


I can forgive, but I can never forget I'm afraid. It depends on what the situation is as to how I handle it. The worse it was, the harder time I have even forgiving.

Math! YES! I love math! Tho I was too lazy in school to get beyond algebra, but I got it, every little thing! One of these days, I'm gonna sign up for a college class just to take algebra again... think that puts me in the geek category! LOL!

I love this post, because this seems to be how my own brain works half the time! (And no, you're NOT the only one whose brain makes strange connections. :))

Wow, I could comment on so much stuff here... but instead of taking up too much space, I'll just say -- thanks so much for including me in your list of "outstanding writers"! You have no idea how much I appreciate that. :)

Thanks for giving me so many different things to think about today!

I think it is only the very rare individual who can truly forgive...I think most of us just fool ourselves into believing we've forgiven X for doing something. Shit's always cropping up to bring the hurt back...I dunno. Hope I'm wrong on that one! I once heard this somewhere "God may forgive you, but I never will." Ouch.

Cool link, thanks!

I find it difficult to forgive. I am so hyper-sensitive, I always think negatively and the only way I can begin to forget is if I devalue something. I tell myself that it's not worth remembering.

Good post, I like how your thoughts branch out from topic to topic.

try sticking your pills in the ant hills. fuck their minds instead of yours!

Mel: Geeks of the world unite! After all, being a geek is a good thing---it's says so right there in the Bible. "The geek shall inherit the Earth". Check it out. (My copy of the Bible may have errors in it. My folks were so poor they couldn't afford a proofreader!).

Lisa: I don't know if it's scary or comforting to know someone else thinks like I do. And feel free to leave as much comment as you like---it can never be too much!

JJ: I think you're right, except often it's not a case of not WANTING to forgive, it's just like you say---things always seem to remind us of the biggies. Short of a lobotomy.......

Super Freak: An interesting perspective, the devaluing thing. I hadn't thought of it quite that way before. I find it interesting that, of all the topics I touched on, this is the one with most comments. I wonder if that means anything?

Creepy: That is the BEST solution I've heard in years. You've made my day already! (Now to wipe the spittle off my screen where I spontaneously exploded reading your comment---yuk).

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