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Strange Searches That Found Me

"On most search engines the order of the keyed words is very important as the associations are made sequentially. But our software uses machine learning to transfer human inquiries into the type of inquiries a computer can fully understand. Our system can point you directly to the sites that you want and not just to sites that are related to your keyed words." - Tingshao Zhu

"Now we're actually doing some marketing, letting beneficiaries and providers know [about the availability of the technology]. I think it's a great tool. Anybody searching the Web will never want to go back to a word search." - John Jones

Here's a partial list of search strings that have been used to find my blog. I don't know where some of them come from!! I also notice that most people do not put quotes around phrases that they're looking for. Am I missing something, I wonder? [I've left any spelling mistakes that were in the search untouched]

spit noodle joey
will and grace final quotes
wrod processing multiple choice quiz
Krishnamurti talks and dialogues 1968, one listen therefor one learns
may you get to heaven an hour before the devil knows you're dead history
aulacity shuffle
preposterous googlewhack
mindfreak mistakes
only through love and friendship
how would Jung describe Bart Simpson
data loss recovery similitude method entropy context sequence gap
Berlin football
advantages of learning through role playing in poat secondary
every quotation contributes something to the stability or enlargement of the language context
palahniuk soapstone carvings
Ryan Smith photos
lined up and tied
significance of time
valproaic acid in bipolar disorder
Rothenberg process Janusian thinking
never had a date the marines
kick -o- mania thery henry
the tao of Willie Nelson the T and the A of the tao is to just keep breath
Benjamin Franklin was never president
solving patternless crossword puzzles
from a former student
who suffers from schizoid
Covey's 7 habits
life gives us brief moments
letter close spacing code

It kinda makes you wonder what some people are looking for, doesn't it?!!


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