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Sedatives and Stupid Questions....

It's a jolly good thing that the doc has me on some sedatives (at least I THINK he does!. They are allowing me to sustain a normal compusure, singing "The Happy Song", and every now and then going out to smell the flowers and call a friend I haven't seen in years.

The beast's name is BLOGGER, and his cousin (I think) MSN. There have also been some other choice ones I've added to the list. It's a very emotive and empowering list.

So here's the first two questions of the day re: Blogger: Several times when I've gone to post, it pulls the "Poof! I'm the magic dragon" disappearing act. Also, I can't leave comments on hardly anyone else's blog----it seems to just freeze up, and there are a couple blogs I can't get in to read at all. (Just a curiousity question while I'm here and talking about blogs: I've noticed more and more of you are not posting any comments until they have been approved by you. What's up with that?

Suggestions?? The new computer option is looking more inviting except for the following quirk:

I intend to write a book someday, so I've been saving articles, etc. for some time now. I jut heard of 'external drivers' or 'external discs', So, I thought it would be a good idea to keep all the stuff in one place so I went and bought me a 4GB one. I played around with it to see how it works....and, apparently it doesn't. I saved a bunch of files to the E-disk (which it is called), but when I looked there to see if it was copied...there was absolutely nothing there. Blank. Nanna. Rien de. So, again, what's up with that?

"Online Help" didn't help me much, so I'm turning to my backup gurus! BTW, I noticed when I signed on this morning that I was the 3001 visitor (and that's since the new design appeared on the scene).....so thanks for all the interest and support. It's VERY much appreciated!


Im testing to see if this will let me comment here.... sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it does... blogger has def been sucking butt lately!

well look at that!! :)

The blogs that you are probably having a hard time commenting on are the ones that have changed over to the new blogger.
I had to change mine. Stupid blogger wouldn't let me post anymore unless I changed.
Blogger bully.

Same here.

I keep hearing good things about Wordpress.com. Because, let's face it... I'm sure there will be a Blogger Theta soon and we'll all have to go through this crap again.

I've lost a few comments in my wandering, too. The Web is having issues. Maybe seasonal affective disorder?

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