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...And Now For The Rest Of The Story.

According to a recent survey, a man says the first thing they notice about a woman is her eyes and a woman says the first they notice about men is they're a bunch of liars."

First things first. Thanks muchly for the comments of concern, and just dropping by to chat.'

I simply assumed that when people saw an inactve blog, they just stopped going there. (I have more to say about later.....please don't interpret it as I want you to ignore me or my blog(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((::::::!

I guess....apparently not so.

''So as Jimi Hendrix might say in one of his lyrics.....now that I'm experieced'', I'm going to renege a few nore days on that silly one-task. I have some major tasks I want to get don in the next couple of days.

So let's ake that "Tommorow" blog headlinr read "Real Soon.

I will tell you these two things about it. It was a two-week experiment that I had set up for myself.

It was a TOTAL BLAST!!


Can't wait to hear what it was all about!

O.K. You got my curiousity!

Were you seeing if you could stay away from the computer?? Or if you were "blog addicted?" Huh huh!!! Orrr were you experimenting in the kitchen to come up with the worlds best chocolate chip cookie??? :P

Sheesh, jump in long enough to get our curiosity and dander up, then jump and say, "Later alligator". ARRRRRRGGGGG.

Okie DOkie Rick - wherever you are - you have been nominated/tagged so come to my blog an see what for!! :)


I nominated you too Rick! Not sure if you can be nominated twice but I did anyhow!


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