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Natural Highs --- Part 1

If merely 'feeling good' could decide, drunkenness would be the supremely valid human experience” - William James

'Theatrical' keeps coming back to me, ... Something well done, well written, fun, not depressing, not dark, something that leaves people walking out feeling good -- some sort of inspirational but not religious feel to it.” - Bonnie Hammer

If you can walk away from a comedy thinking it was funny yet also feeling good about the people you watched and the journey they went on, then all the better.” - Greg Garcia

A new hobby. Swimming the last lap. Christmas carols. A long-distance call from a friend. Good grades. Waterskiing. A hug. Your team winning. Listening to a child giggle. Watching a sunset. Deciding not to watch your favorite TV show to get your homework done, and then finding out after you finish that it was delayed and you get to watch it anyway. Your heart beat when you see someone you like. Watching a cat take a bath in a patch of sunlight. Intercepting a pass. New pencils and supplies on the first day of school.

Eating pizza. A long, hot shower. Finishing the Peachtree Road Race. A spider web with dew on it in the early morning sun. A great book.
Reading under an electric blanket on a rainy day. Your first solo bike ride. International travel. Chili dogs. Reading before and after ads about overweight people. Intimacy. A good talk with a friend. A great idea. Snowskiing. A kitten. Enthusiastic people. Climbing trees. God. Watching the moon. Plunging your hot body into a cool pool. Dogs nuzzling each other. An African violet that blooms. Running in the fall. A Rachmaninoff concerto. Relaxing to Saturday morning cartoons. Making somebody laugh.

.....to be cont'd



Chili dogs? OMG I'm gonna hit Jim up about this now. Reading the book while it rains, that's my idea of bliss.

My natural highs....
watching my children sleeping,
laying in my hubbys arms.

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