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Strange Things Happen In The Midnight Sun

Well, hello, folks. I'm not sure if you'll receive this blog or not. That sounds like a message put in the bottle by the dying man on the beach of a deserted island somewhere, doesn't it?

In my FAV list, I had a file there that I had called "Online Family", that all you folks are in. I'm not ready to believe it myself yet, but yesterday when I sat down to write a blog.....the complete file (along with all your addresses, of course, was gone from my FAV list....Kaput...no longer there. Well, I have many other files in my FAV list (in fact I need to do some weeding...it's getting too long), and they were perfectly okay....untouched. Just this one was affected.

Explain that one if you dare! I'll build another file from the addresses I have to the right here on my blog template, but it may take a day or two, so please be patient!

But wait.....there's more! When I typed in the address of my own blog (i.e. this one...www.evydense.blogspot.com) I was directed to some kind of Christian Relief Organization. Mr. Ripley, where are you when you're needed?

But wait.....there's more. I had sent a note to Becky asking her if she'd just put a short note at the end of her next blog giving the Reader's Digest version of what happened, and the note I had sent her was returned as undeliverable. This one I can figure out all by self! Not thinking, and being a bit frazzled, I had used as her address the one that is associated with blog comments that come back to me, and those ae not "returnable" addresses.

Just one final thing. I got an e-mail from DaddyJarBucks yesterday that looked a bit suspicuious under the circumstances.

The subject line was "DaddyJarBucks wants to share sites with you."
followed by the warning that I'ms sure we've all seen:
"Some pictures have been blocked to help prevent the sender from identifying your computer. Click here to download the pictures". (by the by, I NEVER download any pics that come to me that way).

The body of the message, in very heavy, and large font print said"

DaddyJarBucks (his e-mail address) has invited you to StumbleUpon.

Then, back to regular size font,

"StumbleUpon helps you discover sites you wouldn''t think to search for."

Then as a linkage, the following complete line in large fort again:

Click Here To Discover DaddyJarBucks Favorites.

This is where the picture would have gone.

Then at the very bottom (had to scroll to get there) was the message

To cancel e-mail notifications, click here (which, of course was highlighted.


So here's the question of the day:

1 Is it lgitimate?
2. Is it simply spam to be chucked?
3. Is there something strange going here in the land of the midnight sun?


Hmmmm....very strange indeed.
I got that email from DJB, I haven't opened it yet.....maybe I won't! Yikes!
Is that a legit email Daddy? Did you send that to us?


Yes it is a legitimate E-mail. Actually it was an accidental hit of a key I didn't mean to hit on that site. It sent an E-mail to everyone on my mail list, which has'nt been cleaned out in 5 years. My BAD. I didn't mean to do that. You can chuck it as spam. The only thing strange is me.

You are not bad! Definitely not strange!!

WOW! No I never got the email or I sure would have popped a note up for you!

TC: Not an issue at all. It was just the timing of everything else that has been happening with my computer that made me suspicious, that's all. I agree with Mackey!

BTW, you can tell how frazzled I've been lately when I spell PEACE as PDACE.

I haven't been very active in "the group" the last while, mostly because I'm going through a fairly tough period right now, but as always, this too shall pass. I think of you guys every day though. Just wanted to let you know why you haven't heard from me much.

Bummer about your blog being messed up! I thought "pdace" was some funky term I just wasn't hip enough to know about :)

Have a better day!

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