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[Here's to hoping I get all the way through this. I've had good luck the last several days, so maybe the problems just "went away" Ah! The glorious unknowns of the beast we call "Computers"]

I've noticed through my Tracker that there is still a handful of you who check in on my blog....and thanks for that. To me, it means I'm not alone, which is one of my greatest fears,so the following is dedicated to you.

I sat and looked at the mountain and I laughed.
I laughed not because the mountain was there
but because I was there.
I laughed to be alive---
and what am I alive for if not to laugh?

I said to the mountain,
"I believe I have the right to address you, sir.
Prices can speak to mountains,
and poets are at least the equal of princes."
Then I heard the mountain laughing.
I wondered,
Is this mountain laughing at me or with me?

Suddenly I sensed
that the trees were laughing, too,
and the streams and the grass and the rocks
and the earth under my feet;
we laughed --- they and I ---
there upon the laughing mountain
rocking through space together,
rolling with the laughter of being.

by - James Dillet Freeman

P.S. Cacth me up on any of the scoops of the past week or so, huh?!!


No news... just stoppin' by for a cup of coffee!

How 'bout some tea?

Nothing really new going on here either. Although, I am happy to be alive and well! I'm also happy-ish to be able to experience these FRIGID temperatures! Jeesh!

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