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I bought a new car today.


Catching up here.... and you have been having a HELL of a time!! I hope you are alright - It sounds a bit worriesome really. I am glad you did get a new car though - do you like it? Hopefully it will be good on gas as opposed to a van. As for the computer issues, I still say you should get a new one - :) Right now my desktop won't let me click on anything to get it open.
Now - you go to the doctor!! Right away young man!!!

New wheels!! Woo Hoo!!
May I suggest hopping in the car with your fave CD,crank it up, roll down the windows & go for a drive!
I swear, you will feel like a new man!

yes yes go to the dr. straight away you! and what kind of car did you get?

Just be careful with those damn potholes. They are horrendous!!!
I have heard of SmartCars being swallowed whole!lol

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A new car? Yay! What did ya get?!

Shit. You did lose it in one of those nasty pot holes, didn't you!?

Evy, where are you? Hope you're doing okay...

Have a Happy Easter Evy!

Came to say hello..but it looks like you may have driven off!!

Hope you're well!

Wow. You must be putting some miles on that new car!
I did see a guy that looked like you cruising downtown last Saturday with his tunes blaring, singing at the top of his lungs.
Seriously though, hope all is well with you.

Well, Evy. Get your butt back here on the blog. Let us know how you're doing. I'm gonna have to eat a buncha beans, get in my sitdown walker, and jet on up to Canada.

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