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If It Wasn't So Aggravating, It Actually Might Be Funny

Well folks, I have one for you today that will grip you by the ahem's (ladies...move a little higher) and won't let go no matter what you do.

You know that cute little "Piss Off" sign I used at the end of yesterday's blog? Well, I found it by using Goggle's image search. Problem is....I forgot where I put it. I wasn't set on "My Pictures" at the time. I remembered it was called 'Piss Off'', so I did a search on the phrase '*piss off*. Seemed to me, at the time anyway, a logical thing to do.

[I just had a thought....might it be because I used an asterisk at both ends? I thought the letters piss off still had to be in the title for a match to be made. Hmmmmm.......]

Guess what happened?

Search returned a match on EVERY SINGLE PICTURE in my computer. Yup...every one of them, even those kind, gentle ones of generations past that I was showing several months ago.

Today I got some spam, so I went to delete it as I've always done, and the Norton icon at the top of the page in Outlook has disappeared...so I can no longer have it test the trash addresses first. In fact, I'm not sure I know how to get rid of spam now altogether.

Oh yeah. This one's been happening for some time now. Often when I'm downloading a picture that appeals to me, or I see potential for a future blog, or whatever, my system will lock up completely. I can't even close a window and get out of anything I'm using at the time. BUT if I FORMAT a 3-1/4 inch disk (I have an external drive), it unlocks it and everything is tickety-poo. I keep a blank disk handy for such occasions.

Do other people get these types of problems, or am I just an exceptional kinda guy?

Like I said....it's really kinda funny in its own perverse way.

Also, I still want to get my two new ideas in front of you to see what you think, but all these computer issues have been getting in the way.

And just for laughs......the part above in square brackets is in the wriong place logically, so obviously I cut/paste, right? Cut isn't an option anymore! Oh sigh! Heavy, heavy sigh.


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